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Change of Heart - We will remain in the fight, (Too much going on to quit now)

  Earlier this week, we had for the first time a run-in with the Blogger overseers, (or perhaps the algorithm behind the scenes), in which several of our previously posted blog entries were de-posted due to what Blogger deemed were community standard violations.  Apparently someone didn't like what we had to say in the blog posts and rather than say so in the response section of the blog entry, took it upon themselves to report the blog entry to the authorities. At the time, we thought this was perhaps as good time as any to discontinue the blog after some 12 years, and call it a day.  It does take a lot of time to hunt down the various news links, and then every week come up with something intelligible to say in our commentary section of the blog.  You have to hand it to those people out there who are able to on a day to day basis, write a great article related to end-times bible prophecy from a perspective you haven't considered before.  Takes a lot of thinking, effort and re

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