Someone alive today will live to be 1,000 years old, ‘incendiary’ tech honcho claims

Prophecy Sign:  Increased Knowledge:  Genetics, Artificial Intelligence, Robotics

With apologies, there will be no commentary this week.  Very busy weekend which has kept us away from the computer.  Perhaps next week things may slow down a bit.  In the meanwhile, there are many fine prophecy sites to visit to keep abreast of events.  Check out the links listed under the menu icon at the top of this page.

God Bless and keep looking upwards.

During those days people will seek death but will not find it; they will long to die, but death will elude them. Revelation 9:6 NIV

Someone alive today will live to be 1,000 years old, ‘incendiary’ tech honcho claims

Religions Use Robots to Connect With the Public

Defining blameworthiness to help make AI moral

Could AI robots develop prejudice on their own?

Scientists Are Teaching AI-Powered Robots to Reproduce, Evolve

Huge leaps in AI have made facial recognition smarter than your brain

The end of school: AI ‘Google brain’ implants to REPLACE education and ‘supercharge IQ’

DeepMind and Google: the battle to control artificial intelligence

Physicists reverse time using quantum computer

Other news from the past week:

Rumors of War:

US redrawing official maps to include Golan as part of Israel

US slammed at UN Security Council for recognizing Golan as Israeli

All 28 EU member states reject Israeli sovereignty over the Golan

Israeli politicians to EU: “Shame on you” for opposing Golan sovereignty

Syria, Iran, Turkey Vow to Fight Trump Proclamation on Golan Heights

Critics of Trump's Golan Heights order need to brush up on facts

Apocalypse Now: Why Israel Would Start a Nuclear War

US says it won't rule out nuclear first strike, because allies wouldn't trust it otherwise

China Testing Long-Range Cruise Missile Fired From Concealed Ship Container

Gog/Magog Alliance:

Erdoğan’s Dangerous Ambitions Threaten India and Beyond

The United States converts Saudi Abrabia into a nuclear force under the "Agenda of the Century" and the Turkey-Iran Prevention

Kingdom of Antichrist - 'Mark of the Beast' system:

U.S. Must Put a Ban on Google Helping China Develop a Global Digital Dictatorship

Restricting Commerce For Proper Ideology - Pathway To The System Of The Beast?

'Dark day for internet freedom': EU lawmakers approve controversial copyright reform

Canada considering forcing social media companies to remove extremist content

Facebook Bans All 'Praise, Support and Representation of White Nationalism and Separatism'

Kingdom vs Kingdom:  

The Two Americas Have Grown Much Fierce

U.S. Projected to Add 1.5M Illegal Aliens to Population this Year

'The Breaking Point Has Arrived': Top Border Officer Warns Congress as Immigration Surges

“Caravana Madre”: Mexico Warns 20,000 Migrant ‘Mother of All Caravans’ Forming in Honduras

As Another Migrant Caravan Approaches, Trump Revives Threat To Close Southern Border

'We’ve never seen anything like this': As Trump threatens to close border, migrants overwhelm Texas cities

Perilous Events - Global Food Crisis:

End-of-Days Expert: Disaster Drills, Sign ‘Governments Know Something Big is Coming

End-of-Days Expert: Disaster Drills, Sign ‘Governments Know Something Big is Coming

Let’s talk about food SHORTAGE: US grain bins collapse under catastrophic Iowa floods

“As Many As A Million Calves Lost In Nebraska” – Beef Prices In The U.S. To Escalate Dramatically In The Coming Months

Food Crisis: Hail storm smashes 4 million avocados in under 10 minutes in Australia

Exclusive: More than 1 million acres of U.S. cropland ravaged by floods

Global Economic Crisis:

President Trump: Replace The Dollar With Gold As The Global Currency To Make America Great Again

The True Size Of The U.S. National Debt, Including Unfunded Liabilities, Is 222 Trillion Dollars

The Federal Reserve's Controlled Demolition Of The Economy Is Almost Complete

Venezuela returns to 'Middle Ages' during power outages

Pestilence and Plagues:

The Pentagon Wants to Make an Army of Virus-Spreading Insects. Scientists Are Concerned.

Ebola Crisis: Outbreaks hit 1,000 cases as 600 killed - medical centres attacked

Christian Persecution:

The 10 most dangerous countries for Christians

Islamic Terrorists Ramp Up Attacks On Nigerian Christians

China bans 1,000-member church in Beijing, demands members vow not to attend

Chinese city offers US$1,500 reward to help snare foreign religious leaders

Vermont Legislature Bans Pastor from Giving Prayer After He Prays for “Everyone’s Right to Life”

Muslim lawmaker, Democrats decry opening prayer about Jesus as divisive

Church of Scientology Now Considers Actor Tom Cruise a ‘Deity’

Pope Francis: Christians and Muslims ‘Believe in God the Creator and Merciful One’

“Rome, city of bridges, never walls!,” says Pope, “Jesus demands” we take in Muslim migrants

Brunei to Punish Adultery and Gay Sex With Death by Stoning

Collapse of Societal norms:

Proof that girls and boys are born to be different: Controversial study finds that brain differences between the sexes begin in the womb

Doctor: Facts on Biological Sex Differences Are Being Ignored

At least three gender-transitioning children have been taken into care because of their parents’ objections

Pedophiles Believe They Should Be A Part Of The LGBT Community

'Equality Act' Opens Back Door to Pedophilia


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