Some changes made

Well it was long overdue for some updates on this Blog Site. Hopefully some of the changes made will make it easier to read and also to post comments.

We noticed that for some reason, Blogger had changed some things which resulted in several recent comments not being directed to our email addresses. This meant that comments were not being reviewed by us and then posted to the various blog posts. For this we apologize. The changes now made will make it much easier, (or at least we hope), for you the readers to enter into discussion on the topics and posts that you have interest in. WE ABSOLUTELY ENCOURAGE DISCUSSION, and hope you the readers will do so.

Please let us know if the changes made are good, bad or in need of further tinkering, (try commenting on this particular blog post to see if the changes are indeed working).

In the meantime, stay tuned as we have been compiling another weeks worth of noteworthy news as it relates to Bible Prophecy and what we believe are the Last Days prior to Jesus Christ's return.

God Bless and thanks for visiting.


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