Heretic’ in the Vatican

Prophecy Sign:  The False Prophet and the Global False Religious System

The current Pope may not be the future False Prophet, but Pope Francis is certainly setting the scene for the emergence of the Antichrist's accomplice.

Then I saw a second beast, coming out of the earth. It had two horns like a lamb, but it spoke like a dragon.  It exercised all the authority of the first beast on its behalf, and made the earth and its inhabitants worship the first beast, whose fatal wound had been healed. Revelation 13:11-12 NIV

Heretic’ in the Vatican
Celebrated by progressives around the world for his push to update and liberalize aspects of church doctrine, Francis is facing fierce blowback from traditionalists who take issue with his openness to Muslim migrants, his concern for the environment and his softer tone on divorce, cohabitation and homosexuality. Opposition has become so heated that some advisers are warning him to tread carefully to avoid a “schism” in the church.

Other News from the last couple of days:

The future Middle-East War(s):

Israel warns it is on the brink of war with Hamas

Israel launches counterattacks in Gaza amid soaring tensions

Iran is the culprit behind Tuesday's Gaza rocket barrage, Israel says

Threat erupts to take Jerusalem 'by force'

.....and other Rumors of War:
China steps up pace in new nuclear arms race

Britain might have to use nuclear weapons on enemies unless more is invested in the conventional armed forces, Defence Secretary warns

Increased Knowledge, (A.I, Robotics, Genetics):

Robots will not destroy humanity: AI and humans will be 'extraordinarily attached' as they become part of the family

Here Are Three Factors That Accelerate The Rise Of Artificial Intelligence

Hybrid human chicken embryos: Half Human – Half Chicken abomination created in US lab

Should Human-Animal Chimeras Be Granted “Personhood”?

Terminator skin: Researchers create ‘self-healing’ material for robots

Mark of the Beast, (Tracked, monitored, controlled):

US lawmakers discuss biometrics as option for Social Security Number

Lawmakers sound alarm over Amazon face recognition software

Increasing hatred of the Jews:

Anti-Semitism Causes 'Ethnic Purge' in Europe

Belgian Jews Live in ‘Permanent State of Siege,’ Says Head of Antisemitism Watchdog

The coming Global Economic Collapse:

12 Indications That The Next Major Global Economic Crisis Could Be Just Around The Corner

US has largest debt in world history, dollar to lose status as No.1 currency

Why America Is Heading Straight Toward The Worst Debt Crisis In History

The U.S. is Shackled by Historic Debt

Anomalous Weather Patterns, (The Roaring and Tossing of the Seas):

Don't Tell Anyone, But We Just Had Two Years Of Record-Breaking Global Cooling

Tropical Cyclone "Mekunu" slams into Oman as strongest in recorded history, dumps nearly 3 years' worth of rain in one day

Drought Conditions In The Southwest Are So Bad That They Are Already Being Compared To The Dust Bowl Of The 1930s

Increasing Godlessness & the Apostate Church:

European 'Christians' no longer align with Christian faith

Western Europe’s Christians Are As Religious As America’s ‘Nones’

Don't Expect a Religious Left 'Great Awakening,' Says Researcher

Transgender people encouraged to become priests in Church of England diversity drive

Waiting list hits U.K. transgender clinic

Ireland votes resoundingly to repeal abortion ban

And from the lighter side of things, (are they that far from the truth?):

Episcopal Priest Forced To Resign After Revealing He Believes In God
“This is a major blow to our church body,” one parishioner said in an interview. “If we can’t trust our priests to doubt everything the Bible says and question the very existence of God, who can we trust?”

Bono Announces He Will Resume Pretending To Be A Christian After Helping Overturn Abortion Ban
In a heartfelt announcement Tuesday, U2 frontman Bono confirmed he would resume pretending to be a Christian after the official U2 account voiced support for the recent repeal of the Eighth Amendment in Ireland, which had prevented women from having abortions in the country. The legendary musician had temporarily set aside his claimed Christianity during the campaign to repeal Ireland’s strict abortion restrictions, but confirmed he would be ending his hiatus from Christian values now that the measure has passed. 


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