Signs of the Last Days - News for the week of April 1 - April 7, 2018

We are back.  After some time dealing with the death of my father who passed into glory just a couple weeks ago, it's time again to focus on being a 'watchman on the wall'. (Thank you for your prayers).

Judging by what is happening in the world this spring, it could be that all of us who call Jesus Christ our Lord and Savior may be soon reunited with our loved ones who have gone on before us to be in glory.  Christ's return may be that soon!!

There are just a great many things coming together all at the same time just as bible prophecy said it would.  Starting with the alliances of the coming Gog/Magog War, (Ezekiel 38/39).  This prophecy tells us that three main players will come together in this last days battle;  Russia, Iran and Turkey will form an alliance, and with the help of several other Middle-East nations, will come against Israel in an invasion attempt.   One of the headlines below reports that President Vladimir Putin of Russia has 'cemented a powerful new alliance with Iran and Turkey'.  This is highly significant considering the Ezekiel prophecy.  In addition we see the recent swing of Saudi Arabia under its new crown prince, towards Israel and at the same time shunning Iran.  This is also highly significant given that the Ezekiel prophecy tells us that a Middle-Eastern alliance known as Sheba and Dedan, (the Arabian peninsula), will lodge political protests over the invasion attempt of Israel by the other Gog/Magog alliance of nations, (Russia, Turkey, Iran).

We are within a whisker of having the world come under the thumb of an Orwellian artificial intelligence that would be beyond the control of mankind.  In fact it would control, monitor and force every person on planet earth to be subservient to it, (as the image of the Beast - Antichrist - Revelation 13). Billionaire, Elon Musk is now warning of such a scenario in which an immortal A.I. dictator would take over the world in the very near future, (article below).

Does it not seem that the world is fast approaching World War Three?  America vs China, Russia vs America, Europe vs Russia, not to mention the recently quite North Korean situation and the growing tensions in the Middle-East, (Matthew 24:6-7).  One false move and the whole thing is liable to go off.  Such an event would certainly set the world up for the emergence of the Antichrist on the world scene to solve such problems as a global economic crisis, Middle-East peace, religious extremism and global government for global issues.  When the Antichrist comes on the world scene he will seem to have all the answers and the world will look to him as some sort of savior, (Messiah, Mahdi, Maitreya, Christ).  At the beginning, (the first 42 months), it will seem the world has it's peace and safety, (Daniel 9:27).  However he will turn on Israel, (the last 42 months), and will demand to be called God by the remainder of the world.  It is at this point that the Great Tribulation, (last half of the 7 year Tribulation period), will take place with all the horrors that are clearly laid out for us in the pages of bible prophecy, (particularly in the book of Revelation)

As the world continues it's march towards the abyss, the divides among people are becoming ever more heated and vitriol.  There is the political divide of right vs left, conservative vs progressive.  There are divides by race with white vs black, and divides by religion with Islam vs everybody else.  These divides are no longer civil in nature where discussions can take place but have become pure hatred where tolerance of opinions has been replaced by forced acceptance, (my way or the highway). Debate is shut down by raucous crowds who don't want to hear what the other side has to say. There is certainly no love among these divides, (Matthew 24:12).  This has led to a collapse of societal norms and the rise of depravity where people are doing what they think is right in their own minds, (Judges 21:25).  Of course the bible tells us that the hearts and minds of the people are desperately wicked at all times, (Jeremiah 17:9).  As a consequence depravity and evil becomes good and good becomes evil, (Isaiah 5:20).

The following article lays out some of the prophetic signs that are occurring right now which show the imminent return of Jesus Christ.  We are there.  Time is short.  Be looking up as Jesus Christ is ready to return for his bride, the Church.  Are you ready?

God willingly, we will see you next week.  Maranatha.

15 Prophetic Signs of Jesus' Imminent Return
  The world's focus would be on the Middle East.
  Russia would begin to align with key Muslim nations.
  Israel would be surrounded by those bent on its annihilation.
  Anti-Semitism would dramatically escalate.
  Religious deception would be rampant.
  Political chaos would increase, and a political star with plausible solutions would rise up.
  Extreme famines would occur in different parts of the world.
  There would be wars and rumors of war, especially relative to the Middle East and Israel.
  Epidemics and pandemics would spread.
  Earthquakes and natural disasters would escalate in frequency and intensity.
  Technology would advance in astonishing ways.
  Terrorism would jump to the forefront.
  There would be an abnormal emphasis on sex and materialism, and morality would be twisted.
  Betrayals, multiplying family problems and resistance to God's messages would be prevalent.
  A genuine, Holy Spirit-led revival would emerge as a remnant of godly believers focused on the Lord Jesus Christ and His power.

Prophecy Sign:  Increase in Knowledge, (That will make possible the global ubiquitous Kingdom of the Antichrist)

Image of the Beast:

We will all be forced to serve under an immortal robot DICTATOR whose power we can 'never escape', warns billionaire Elon Musk

Authority, power and control over the entire globe:

South Korean university is secretly developing killer AI robot army that could destroy humanity, scientists fear

Companies using controversial AI software to help hire or fire employees - and gauge whether they like their boss

No more secrets! New mind-reading machine can translate your thoughts and display them as text instantly

Transforming Humanity, (corrupting the image of God):

Top 7 Areas Of Emerging Transformational Technologies That Will Be Used To Enhance Humans

Do you really want to live forever(ish)?

Mini-human brains with their own blood vessels are grown in the lab for the first time

India Withdraws Order to Punish Journalists Over ‘Fake News’

As Malaysia Moves to Ban ‘Fake News,’ Worries About Who Decides the Truth

Crushing the Truth: They 'Reintegrate' ISIS, but Christians Are 'Extremist'

Trump slams 'dishonest' CNN, NBC over criticism of local TV station group warning about 'fake news' (seems the video below is based on what is reported in this article)

Prophecy Sign:  The alliances of the Gog/Magog War, (Ezekiel 38/39 - Sheba & Dedan, (Saudi Arabia and the other nations of the Arabian Peninsula) 

Will Saudi Prince's 'Changes' Lead to Peace with Israel, More Openness to Christians?

Saudi Arabia's crown prince slams Obama's Iran nuclear deal, backs Israel's right to exist

Prophecy Sign:  The alliances of the Gog/Magog War, (Ezekiel 38/39) - Rosh, (Russia), Persia, (Iran), Beth Togarmah, (Turkey)

Putin cements powerful new alliance with Iran and Turkey

Russia, Iran leaders head to Turkey for summit on Syria

Prophecy Sign:  Rumors of War

Russia and UK heading for last war in the history of mankind, warns ex-Putin general

'You'll be sorry,' Russia tells Britain at U.N. nerve agent attack meeting

U.S. and Russia Making Preparations for World War III

Prophecy Sign:  The coming global economic collapse, (and reset to a New Economic World Order)

World stock markets on brink: 'Epic' bubble about to burst, experts warn

'Epic’ market bubble is ready to burst and stocks could plunge, strategist warns

Market volatility is reminiscent of the 1987 crash: Veteran trader Art Cashin

Retail Apocalypse: 24 big retailers closing stores

Prophecy Sign:  The coming of the False Prophet

‘Catastrophic for the Catholic Church’: World media reacts to Pope Francis’ denial of hell
 “This pope is left-wing politically active on things like climate change. The whole left-wing agenda, the whole liberal agenda, this pope articulates it, and this pope is doing what he can to intermingle his own personal political beliefs with church doctrine. I never thought I would see that. I mean, I know there are leftists and liberals all over every organization, I’m not being naive, but the church is the church. What it believes is what it believes. It doesn’t change because public opinion changes, and yet it is, at least this pope seems to be doing just that.”

CHRISTIANS BAD: - Pope: Christians Should Feel Shame for Global Strife

MUSLIMS GOOD: - Pope Francis: “Authentic Islam and the proper reading of the Koran are opposed to every form of violence” (2013)

Prophecy Sign:  The Strong Delusion, (Ancient Aliens - return of the Nephilim)

Is the Earth being watched by aliens? Conspiracy theorist claims ET could soon make contact after spotting 7 'UFOs' near the ISS

The Alien Observatory --"We May Soon Discover Worlds That Host Lifeforms with Strange, Unearthly DNA and RNA"

Prophecy Sign:  Increase in volcanic and earthquake activity

Yellowstone volcano eruption: 'Life or death' prep for supervolcano emergency underway

Breaking up is hard to do: Africa could eventually split into two continents

Prophecy Sign:  Pestilence, plagues and disease

Unusual forms of 'nightmare' antibiotic-resistant bacteria detected in 27 states

Prophecy Sign:  Societal Collapse and the increase in depravity

Living in a country where you daren't be anything but gay friendly, (Good Article)

When it comes to news, America is in a state of ‘pure polarization,’ physicist says

Chinese Government Reinterpreting The Bible For The Masses

‘Gender-neutral’ Swedish preschools teach boys to wear dresses

Transgender bathrooms to be forced on 4-H kids in another state

Ohio Sued For Refusing to Allow Transgender People to 'Correct' Their Birth Certificates

And then the just plain stupid:

ALL MALE, BAD!:  Police force kicks out all-male choir after it refuses to accept female singers

ALL FEMALE, GOOD!: Swedish music festival to go 'women-only' following string of sexual assaults

University event aims to combat ‘Christian Privilege’

Students earn credit for attending White Privilege Conference

‘Whiteness Group’ at Liberal Arts College Bars Whites from Asking Blacks Questions

Lunatic liberal college professor claims “meritocracy” principle is rooted in white racism… “hard work” condemned as intolerant


  1. I think most christians are beyond shocked with what is going on and nothing suprises us anymore. the world will continue to get dark and ugly which means our light will be more brighter as we stand out. If we have been hiding our light till now there will come a time we can no longer doso so lets willingly let it shine rather than forcefully


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