Signs of the Last Days - News for the week of Sep 17 - Sep 23, 2017

So were you caught up with all the Revelation 12 signs and wonders hoopla along with a great many other folks?  Yes, we found the videos and articles on the various web sites to be most intriguing, but we were reticent to go all the way out on the limb and claim that it would be the day of Christ's return into the clouds to claim all his believers in the rapture of the Church. 

Unfortunately a couple producers of these videos did climb far out onto the branches and are now looking just a little sheepish in their predictions.  This is the danger of matching Christ's return to any particular date on the calendar, you will likely be wrong, (88 reasons for 1988, Harold Camping - May 21' 11, Revelation 12 - September 23'17), and this just plays into the skepticism that already permeates much of Christendom not too mention secular society.  There were several recent secular news articles all calling into question this most recent prediction and basically calling it nuts.  Well as it turns out, they weren't wrong.

They will say, "Where is this 'coming' he promised? Ever since our ancestors died, everything goes on as it has since the beginning of creation." 2 Peter 3:4 NIV

With all that said, should we just shrug off the recent celestial signs as nonsense or just plain coincidence? Absolutely not.  Instead we should take those signs, (Blood Moons - 2014/2015, August 21'17 Solar Eclipse, Revelation 12 Sign - September 23'17), as indicators that the return of Jesus Christ is right at the door, (Matthew 24:33), and that we should be paying close attention so as not to be taken like a thief and be unaware of the hour Christ will come upon the believing Church, (Revelation 3:3). That is the approach that we take on this blog, and in fact preached such at our local church a few Sunday's back, (sorry no link as yet on the Church website for that message).

These signs are not unlike all the signs that one might see along a highway as one approaches their destination.  Signs for places to stay, places to eat, places to shop, get a vehicle fixed, or to get further information.  The signs are not yet your destination and may be several miles away from where you are going, but once you see those signs, you know you don't have much further to go.  So think of these cosmic signs that are showing up in recent months and years as God's way of telling us we don't have much further to go. Amen?

Have been reading a very interesting book, ('Reversing Hermon', by  Dr. Michael S. Heiser), in which the author also makes note of the Revelation 12 sign which the Apostle John wrote about, however Dr. Heiser relates this sign to the first coming of Jesus Christ.  He provides good information that the sages of old, including the Three Wise-men were cosmic watchers and when they saw this particular sign in the heavens, (and yes it appears in some fashion each fall), along with several other cosmic signs that also appeared in the heavens prior to Christs birth, they knew something was up and that something miraculous was about to happen.  This is when they began their long journey following yet another celestial event, (the Star), finding the very young Messiah some time before Jesus was 2 years old.  

So it's not the first time that signs announced the coming of Jesus and it won't be the last, (Matthew 24:30), and as with the Magi, (Three Wise-Men), it was not an immediate meeting of those that were watching with whom they were watching for, (several months took place first).  So don't get discourage, hang in there....we are almost at our destination.  We certainly know this by all that is happening in the world today.  Just take a look at all the news of the week, (article and videos).

So until next week.  Keep looking up.  Our Blessed Hope is on the horizon.  The signs are all over the place as we approach our destination.

Maranatha and God Bless

Prophecy Sign:  Roaring and Tossing of the Waves, (anomalous weather)

Hurricane Maria unleashes fury on Puerto Rico. ‘The winds are like out of a horror movie’

'Storm of the century' Maria pummels Puerto Rico

56 dead, 200 000 homeless and 11 000 homes destroyed as floods ravage Niger

Prophecy Sign:  Increasing earthquake and volcanic activity

Where will the next earthquake strike? How a chain of frightening quakes in the 'Ring of Fire' is terrorising the Pacific 

The Ring of Fire is heating up: M6.1 earthquake strikes off New Zealand just hours after deadly M7.1 earthquake near Mexico City

At least 20 schoolchildren among the 248 killed in Mexico after their school collapsed during a 7.1-magnitude earthquake

Strong 6.2 magnitude aftershock hits Mexico City, causing buildings to sway and sending terrified earthquake survivors running into the streets

New Zealand rocked by strong 6.1 magnitude earthquake as a 'powerful tremor' strikes Wellington

Powerful 6.2 magnitude earthquake strikes off the coast of Japan near Fukushima 

Prophecy Sign:  The future Middle-East War(s)

Is North Korea a Smokescreen for a Potential Armageddon in the Middle East?

Why Israel might take out North Korea's nukes

Iranian army chief: We will turn Tel Aviv and Haifa into dust

Iran defies Trump to test new-medium range ballistic missile that could hit Israel

Hezbollah has 10,000 fighters in Syria ready to confront Israel, commander says

Report: Iran And North Korea Are “Collaborating In An Exchange Of Materials And Technicians To Mutually Develop Nuclear Weapons Capabilities”

Prophecy Sign:  Rumors of War

U.S. Scrambles Four "Doomsday" Planes after North Korea Announces "Preps for War With U.S. - COMPLETE"

N. Korea threatens US with ‘horrible nuclear strike and miserable and final ruin’

US state senator warns nuclear attack from North Korea is now ‘imminent’… and warns Seattle may be the first target

'How do we survive?': fearful Californians prepare for nuclear attack

World War 3 ready: Russia carries out EXPLOSIVE war games on edge of Europe

Prophecy Sign:  Revived Rome - The European Superstate

Rise Of The Beast? New Push For Powerful Federal Europe Led By President

European Commission President Jean-Claude Juncker Wants a U.S. of Europe. Does Anyone Else?

Prophecy Sign:  The False Religious System

Pope Francis, Muslim World League Secretary discuss interfaith coexistence

Pope Francis Welcomes Leader of Muslim World League to Vatican

The Seven Year Covenant of Peace

Art of a peace deal: Donald Trump says there's a 'pretty good shot' he can broker peace in Middle East

Abbas praises Trump's seriousness about peace
“If this is any proof to anything ... it attests to the seriousness of your excellency, Mr. President, to achieve the deal of the century in the Middle East during this year or in the coming months, God willing,” the PA chairman said, according to comments quoted by Reuters.

Abbas tells UN it’s responsible for ending Israeli ‘apartheid’
Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas on Wednesday told the United Nations that Israel is not a peace partner, and said its “colonial occupation” of the West Bank and East Jerusalem was breeding incitement and violence in the region.

Prophecy Sign:  Pestilence, Plagues and Disease

WHO warns the world is running out of antibiotics

Prophecy Sign:  Perilous Events

This could destroy our civilization, but we don't talk about it, (EMP attack)

Prophecy Sign:  The coming global economic collapse

North Korea latest: World War 3 threat puts stock markets ON EDGE

Dr Doom's terrifying warning: Stock market meltdown looming and NO ONE is prepared

Canada flagged as hidden $14 trillion credit bubble stokes global crisis fears

Prophecy Sign:  The future Mark of the Beast 

British supermarket offers 'finger vein' payment in worldwide first

Biometrics: A Stepping-Stone To Eliminating The Password Forever

Prophecy Sign:  Increased Knowledge 

Researchers Connect A Human Mind To The Internet For The First Time Ever

Putin reveals fears that robots with artificial intelligence will one day 'eat us' and asks head of Russia's largest tech firm how soon it will happen

Prophecy Sign:  Increased Christian Persecution/Marginalization  

The Hate Machine: How the Southern Poverty Law Center Is Cashing in by Bashing Christians

Evangelical Church Threatened With Being Set on Fire Amid LGBT Outrage at Marriage Billboard

Government Agency Blacklists Couple for Not Supporting Gay Marriage

Judge Roy Moore: We Removed God from Schools, Shootings and Death Filled the Void

5th Grade Teacher Forcing Class to Use Gender-Neutral Pronouns

California School Board Says Allowing Opt-Out of Discussions on Gender Identity Would Be ‘Discriminatory’

German psychiatrist: “Migrants bring huge potential for violence and have different values. It’s a time bomb.” 
(our comment:  thank you Captain Obvious) 

Canadian PM Justin Trudeau Says All Men Should Be Feminists, Calls For End to 'Bro Culture'
(our comment:  yes, unfortunately he is one of ours......sigh!!) 


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