Signs of the Last Days - News for the week of Aug 13 - 19, 2017


At long last the weather has changed in our neck of the woods as cooler weather and some rains have dampened the forests and decreased our summer long fire threats.  The evacuation alerts for this area have now been lifted and our community can now move forward.  We thank God for all he has done during the past several weeks in protecting this and other communities around our province, and we thank all of our readers who have prayed for the situation to resolve.  It was quite the summer, in fact the worst on record for wildfires:

More of B.C. has burned this year than ever before in recorded history

And of course its not over yet with still more that a month left in the fire season.  It's likely well over a million hectares, (2.5 million acres - the size of Delaware and New Jersey combined), will have been consumed by fire when all is said and done.

In the meantime, much is happening in this old world of ours and it's happening at an exponential rate.  It's shocking to see how much hatred has infected our society as it has become a battle of sides, (black vs white, left-wing vs right-wing, secular vs religious), with no middle ground to be found.  It has become  'my way or the highway'.  In times past, (and not so very past), the old adage proclaimed was, I may not agree with what you say, but I will fight to the death for your right to say it. That has now become, I do not agree with what you say and I will fight to the death to make sure you don't say it so I don't have to hear it.

To this effect, the lords of the internet, (Google, Facebook, Twitter and others), are all taking it upon themselves to define what they believe to be 'free speech' which does not include a Judeo- Christian,  right of center, biblical worldview prospective. That prospective is quickly becoming marginalized as 'hate speech', soon to be forced from the public sphere of opinions.  As much as we may find this shocking, it is expected to be if we are as close to the time of the Tribulation as we think.  During that particular time frame, all opinions and perspectives that do not kowtow to the Kingdom of Antichrist will be eliminated, (along with the holders of those opinions).

The Antichrist's ability to murder perhaps millions of people, (Tribulation Saints), during that coming awful time will not happen in a vacuum.  In fact we should now be seeing the exact same process that happen before the Holocaust when 6 million Jews were killed by the Nazi's.  The process of marginalization and demonization of the Jews began several years before the death camps started gassing the Jews.  The same thing is happening again as Christian, Jews, people with a right-wing political view points, and any other group not deemed to be worthy of protection by the brown shirts of the new social justice warrior brigade, are shoved to the corner and told to shut up.

So now we are seeing an exponential rise in violence as the two polar opposite sides firm up their positions as if in a civil war.  In fact many observers are suggesting civil war, (or major civil strife), is just around the corner for many areas of the globe, (America, S. Africa, Venezuela, college campuses). Jesus of course warned of this as one of the key prophetic signs of the last days:

And then shall many be offended, and shall betray one another, and shall hate one another. Matthew 24:10 KJV
And because iniquity shall abound, the love of many shall wax cold. Matthew 24:12 KJV

Any doubt that we are now in those days?  And it is not just ourselves and others of like mindedness that are convinced the time is short;  Even the former President of Nigeria is convinced of it and is warning others to get ready:

Get ready for Second Coming of Jesus, Obasanjo says

As for the other news of the week, you can check out the articles below as they pertain to the signs we were told to watch for.  We have included some very interesting articles, (bottom of this blog entry), about a couple very much talked about signs to occur in the sun, moon and stars in the days and weeks to come.  Has God turned on his giant neon sign in the sky flashing warning to all who will take notice?  Only you can make that assessment for yourself.

As we always say, keep looking up....for your redemption is right around the corner....and the signs may be saying so.

God Bless and see you next week.

Prophecy Sign:  Rumors of War

North Korea Backs Off Guam Missile-Attack Threat

N. Korea 'on standby to launch,' state-run paper says in response to Trump's latest warnings

Missile Madness: Satellite pics show North Korea is preparing a submarine missile launch

‘War is coming’ DEFCON threat level INCREASED over North Korea missile test fears

North Korea recalls key ambassadors to China, Russia and the UN back to the country as tensions with the US continue to escalate

Prophecy Sign:  The future Seven Year (False) Peace Agreement

The terrible timing of the newest American peace delegation

Netanyahu: Israel welcomes US efforts to ignite peace process

Prophecy Sign:  The War of Gog/Magog Alliance

Mossad Chief warns: Iran is taking over the Middle East

Iran Becoming "Islamic Global Superpower" as World Ignores Threat

Putin’s power play: Russia makes moves in the Middle East as the world watches North Korea

Netanyahu seeks power to go to war without broad government approval 

Hamas warns it will ‘crush’ Israel in future war

Prophecy Sign:  Violence and Civil Strife

Is America Headed for a New Kind of Civil War?
Mines concluded that the United States faces a sixty-per-cent chance of civil war over the next ten to fifteen years. Other experts’ predictions ranged from five per cent to ninety-five per cent. The sobering consensus was thirty-five per cent. And that was five months before Charlottesville.

Here is Why the Violence is Going to Escalate, And Escalate Quickly

The rise of the 'antifa': Combative leftists and self-described anarchists who are ready and willing to use violence as a reaction against neo-Nazis and the alt-right

Rubicon: Washington Post Op-Ed Openly Calls For Political Violence
Michael Moore: Trump Supporters Are Like Rapists

Civil war 'becoming real threat for South Africa'

(This video is a must watch!!)

Prophecy Sign:  Kingdom, (Ethnos) against Kingdom, (Ethnos)

Barcelona terrorist attack: 13 dead, 50+ injured as van plows into pedestrians in tourist area

Knife-wielding attacker 'shouting Allahu Akbar' stabs eight people in sickening rampage leaving two dead in Finland

Moment knifeman 'wearing a fake suicide vest' flees after stabbing eight people in Russian knife rampage - as it is claimed he is the son of a known 'extremist supporter' of radical Islam

ISIS ‘Hit Squads’ Are Using The Refugee Program To Infiltrate Western Nations

Muslim takeover of Europe is ‘biggest story of our time’ and nobody knows it

UK will face Islamist terror threat for next 30 years, former MI5 chief warns

Study suggests drugging up Germans to accept more migrants: Oxytocin combined with propaganda suggested as “treatment” for native Germans

Prophecy Sign:  Increased Knowledge - Genetics/Transhumanism

Scientists create Terminator-style robot with self-healing ‘flesh’

US army’s plans to create a generation of SUPER SOLDIERS

Can Robots Be Sexist? How artificial intelligence might reinforce and amplify gender stereotypes.

Six disturbing predictions about how artificial intelligence will transform life on Earth by 2050

‘Brains linked to computers will kill our inner freedom’ , (sounds like the Star Trek Borg collective)

Prophecy Sign:  Increasing Christian Persecution/Marginalize

Christian Persecution in India Hits Record High in First Half of 2017

Indian State Passes Anti-Conversion Bill That Pastor Says Will 'Ruin' Christian Lives

Annual U.S. Religious Freedom Report Outlines Ongoing Persecution in Iran, China, Sudan

And still Christ builds his Kingdom:
Iranian Youths Mass Converting to Christianity Despite Islamic Indoctrination, Government's Efforts

Three ways the secular left is trying to make Christianity illegal in America, and having some real success

Is Social Media Shutting Down Christian Opinions?

CNN Publishes Map of 'Hate Groups', Which Includes Christian Organizations

Jesus banned in primary school yards

Prophecy Sign:  The Last Days Apostate Church

UK ‘Progressive Christian’ Festival to Include Muslim Group Teaching Sufi Worship Chants

‘Pastor’ Defends Dance During Service to Profane Rap Song, Claims Men in Bible Used Coarse Language

Prophecy Sign:  Kingdom of the Antichrist - Controlling the Message

YouTube Begins Purging Alternative Media

Prophecy Sign:  Pestilence/Plagues and Disease

Yemen cholera epidemic: Cases exceed 500,000 in four months

Fleas are testing positive for the plague in parts of Arizona

Japanese fungus spreading in UK hospitals

August slaughter: Millions of wildlife dead as floods, algae blooms and disease takes it toll around the globe

Prophecy Sign:  Increase in Earthquake/Volcanic activity

NASA plan to save Mankind from Yellowstone supervolcano eruption could trigger NUKE WINTER

Prophecy Sign:  Signs in the Sun, Moon & Stars

10 Very Strange Facts About The August 21 Solar Eclipse That Will Absolutely Blow Your Mind

Major Upcoming Solar Eclipse Holds Divine Moral Warning for America: Rabbi

Equalities Minister to Spur Effort for LGBT-Inclusive Sex Education

Parents of Eight-Year-Old Boy Who Identifies as Girl Sue School for ‘Forcing’ Son ‘to Live as a Boy’

American College of Pediatrics Reaches Decision: Transgenderism of Children is Child Abuse!

Iceland Eradicating Down Syndrome - by Killing Those Who Have It: "This is eugenics and barbarianism at best."


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