A new normal for Williams Lake - Welcome Back

Well that was interesting.  Being told to leave your home immediately and not sure when you will be allowed to return was stressful, frightening, worrisome and perhaps even a little bit exhilarating. The fires are not completely out, but the threat to our city has subsided....at least for now.  Hot weather is in the forecast through to the middle of August with temperatures in the mid 30's Celsius,  (mid 90's F), and not a drop of rain to be seen.  One small spark, or another windstorm could easily stir things up again.

As we sit here in our small quite corner of the world where life is much the same each and every day, and the horrible stories we read about are taking place thousands of miles away, we often equate it to the "Shire" of the J.R. Tolkien 'Lord of the Rings' trilogy.  While evil grew exponentially in the land of Mordor, the good folks far away in the Shire were completely unaware and complacent to the dangers of the growing evil that could potentially consume their idyllic and peaceful tranquility.

In watching the events of the Last Days ramp up across the globe, its too easy to assume that it will never touch our peaceful coexistence.  Or perhaps it will only be something that happens during the coming Tribulation when we will all be snatched out of here anyways, (the Rapture of the Church). However that would be wrong thinking.  As the nations of the world continue to reject the God of Creation, (and that would include our own country here in Canada), God's hand of protection is removed and events begin to happen.  Whether it's war, drought, floods, pestilence, or in our case, wild-fires, the birth-pangs of the Last Days are becoming well pronounced.

There is one thing we have learned through all of this, and that is to be prepared, (both spiritually and in common sense preparation).   For several years we have been building up stores of food and water along with basic provisions and supplies that we could fall back on in the case of an emergency. That forethought of preparation paid dividends as we loaded up the trailer with the items that would become necessary for our two week sojourn in the wilderness, (camping at a Provincial campground). From food, to water, from batteries to toilet paper, all was pre-loaded in the trailer and when the evacuation order was announced, we were ready to go.

As for the spiritual end of things, we just knew that our God would look after our needs and would see us through to the end.  As it turned out, we survived very nicely as did our home and everything we own.  God had made sure we traveled safely to and from our home away from home, and that we would have a home to return to when all was said and done.  There was no point in worrying about it all, we just left it in God's very capable hands.

So it's great to be home as we slowly get back into the swing of things. Places of work, places to shop and critical infrastructure, (like hospitals), are all coming to life again as we settle down to life in the Shire once more.  We thank you for your many prayers through these events, and we continue to pray for some liquid sunshine, (rain and more rain), to fall and calm the fire threat across our fair province. We also thank God for the many wonderful firefighters and first responders who fought to keep the fires out of our community, and who diligently ensured the safety of our City.

God Bless and keep looking up for we know our redemption draws very near.

A new normal for Williams Lake
Williams Lake is slowly starting to fill up with people again. Residents are returning to the lakecity one day after officials announced their intention to lift the evacuation order for the city and many surrounding rural areas and replace it with an alert. As the evacuees return, so are some of the many services of the urban centre.

B.C. wildfire crews prepare for scorching August
B.C. is on the cusp of a heat wave, officials say, with several new and aggressive wildfires reported over the past few days. The south coast, which has largely escaped the negative effects of the wildfire season, is expected to be hit with smoke on Tuesday and Wednesday. “We have at least a month of this left, if not longer,” chief fire information officer Kevin Skrepnek told reporters on Monday. “August is historically one of our busiest times.”


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