B.C. wildfires: No letup for crews battling central Interior blazes

In Canada:

B.C. wildfires: No letup for crews battling central Interior blazes

More evacuations in B.C. Interior as winds whip up flames

In America:

Raging wildfires across California force nearly 8,000 to evacuate: 'It was terrifying'

We will be unavailable over the foreseeable future in posting any blog entries due to a series of wildfires burning in our location.

We live in the central part of the Province of British Columbia, (Canada), which has seen a long stretch of very dry, hot weather this early summer resulting in tinder dry forests.  This past weekend, (Friday July 7), a brief lightning storm ignited a host of fires near several communities in our area, including the City of Williams Lake in which we live.

Close to 10,000 people have been evacuated from homes throughout central British Columbia including many families here in our home town.  Unfortunately many homes have been lost in the raging fires, but thus far, (by the grace of God), no lose of life.

My wife and I and our family members are alright, and we have not been given the order to leave our homes as yet. However we remain packed and ready to move out on a moments notice.

Needless to say, our concerns right now are with our community and in making preparations for any evacuation orders.  Therefore this blog site will remain on the back-burner, (forgive the pun), for the next little while.

Our former Pastor, now heading up a new church plant in the City of Williams Lake, posted an urgent request for our community, (and this would apply to all communities along the West Coast of North America, from California north to British Columbia), under the threat of wildfire.

We look to our God for answers to prayers and we know he is in control of everything including the storehouses of rain, (which we could use right about now).

He covers the sky with clouds; he supplies the earth with rain and makes grass grow on the hills. Psalm 147:8 NIV

Thank you for your prayers, and we hope to soon be back posting in the very near future.

Dear Friends of Mosaic Community,
Please be in prayer for the City of Williams Lake. There are major unconfined fires all over the Central Cariboo region. Many areas of Williams Lake have been evacuated and many other areas have been given evacuation warnings. The highway north and south of Williams Lake has been closed due to the fires and Williams Lake Airport is in danger of being overrun by a fire.

Please pray for:
- Safety for the firefighters and water water bomber and helicopters pilots that they would be safe in a very dangerous situation.
- The many families that have been evacuated and are in danger of losing their homes, livestock, and properties.
- That the local churches have an opportunity to show love and concern for our neighbours and city.

Thank you for joining with us in prayer at this time.

In the Lamb,
Dan Smith


  1. We constantly remember yourselves and others of need of Gods divine protection. From fires to flooding in other parts of the world; the arc of God is the best place to be.

  2. We have a great and mighty God. Nothing is too big for Him. Lord, you alone are our protector and helper. You are a merciful God, full of grace. Please protect your children in these fire ravaged areas and use these circumstances for your glory by pointing others to you for their hope. Strengthen those who love you and draw them even closer to you. With you, all things are possible.

  3. Just an update; We are presently under an evacuation alert. The fires seems to be coming under control, although there is still a great deal of smoke. There is concern for this weekend that a weather front will bring strong winds and dry lightning strikes to the area.

    We do very much appreciate all your prayers. Thank you.

  4. We constantly remember yourselves and others of need of Gods divine protection.

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