Jubilee cycles pointing to 2017??

Sorry, for not posting our usual update this past weekend.  Too many other things got in the way.

A couple items of interest that we did find and had been holding on to were the following links which suggest that some Jewish Rabbis from days gone by warned that an Asian nation would play a very important role in end-times affairs.  This would be the precursor to the arrival of the Messiah, which is the messianic figure the Jews have been awaiting upon for millennia, (not necessarily Jesus the Messiah that we Christian know will soon return). 

The other item of note was a Prophecy in the News video featuring Dan Goodwin who has done some investigative work on the Jewish Jubilee 50 year cycle.  According to Mr. Goodwin our generation may be in that very last cycle, (you will have to watch the video for yourself to understand further).

Let this be written for a future, (terminal), generation, that a people not yet created may praise the LORD: Psalm 102:18 NIV

Hidden 1,500-Year-Old Prophecy Finally Revealed. What it Says About North Korea Will Amaze You
A 1,500-year-old prophecy that puzzled generations of scholars has finally been deciphered, its secrets revealed by a hidden sage who has sent out the message that the imminent conflict in North Korea will culminate in the final war. His message contains several stern warnings about how to cope with the difficult times ahead.

Mystic Rabbi Foretold North Korea’s Nuclear Role in End-of-Days... 22 Years Ago
North Korea has only recently emerged as a major threat to the Western world, but a noted kabbalist predicted 22 years ago that the rogue nation would become the nuclear key to the final war of Gog and Magog. Now that politics have shifted, revealing the prophetic nature of the rabbi’s words, another look reveals a deeper, Biblical understanding of the threat that faces us today.

Jubilee Cycles : By Daymond Duck


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