Signs of the Last Days - News for the week of January 15 - January 21, 2017

Congratulations to our friends south of the border as you now have a new President.  We believe based on Daniel 2:21, that God raises up Kings and Rulers to bring about his plans for the world and for future events.

"Praise be to the name of God for ever and ever; wisdom and power are his. He changes times and seasons; he deposes kings and raises up others. He gives wisdom to the wise and knowledge to the discerning. Daniel 2:20-21 NIV

It will be interesting to see how God uses President Trump in the days, weeks and years to come.  In case you missed it, here is Donald Trump’s inauguration speech:

As for other events in the world, the global elite, with great fear and loathing of the new President, continue to press forward with plans for further globalization.  Undaunted by the rise of populists movements throughout Europe, and the election of Trump to the presidency, the designers of the New World Order, (kingdom of the Antichrist), are doubling down with their satanically inspired agenda.

It would seem Israel has escaped a direct shot from the nations of the world, as last weeks Paris peace conference produced a watered down statement which did not end up as yet another United Nations anti-Israel resolution. As for the Palestinians, they continue to make no pretence as to their ultimate goals for Israel which is liberation of Israel by defeating the Jews and taking over all of what they refer to as Palestine, (which would be Jew free).

Did you happen to catch the prayer of Catholic Cardinal Timothy Dolan at the Presidential inauguration? (video below). Not once did the Catholic Cardinal mention the name of Jesus Christ, but he certainly lifted up Mary as the one to pray to for intervention in the affairs of mankind to bring about wisdom and understanding.  While not mentioning the name of Mary per say, he certainly alluded to Mary several times by using the pronoun 'her' in the last part of his prayer. What Cardinal Dolan has done is elevate Mary above Jesus Christ in the affairs of mankind.  We believe this to be completely heretical as only God the Father and his son Jesus Christ are the ones to bring about peace, wisdom and discernment to a world living in darkness.

I keep asking that the God of our Lord Jesus Christ, the glorious Father, may give you the Spirit of wisdom and revelation, so that you may know him better. Ephesians 1:17 NIV

So at the same time that discernment is vanishing from much of Christendom, satanic worship is on the rise and what was once upon a time a Christian Europe is now under judgement from God with the possibility that Europe may become majority Muslim in only a few short decades. (Look out North America, it could happen to you as well).

Keep looking up folks. 2017 could be a very interesting year.  Maranatha

Prophecy Sign:  The coming Kingdom of Antichrist, (the New World Order)

The End Of The Obama World Order

Before and After Obama: 10 Signs of a Diminished America

Re-globalization Heralds an Emerging New World Order

World leaders find hope for globalization in Davos amid populist revolt

Prophecy Sign:  Israel - The Burdensome Stone

70 Nations Gathered In Paris Unanimously Call For The Creation Of A Palestinian State

Read Full Concluding Statement of Paris Peace Conference

The Paris Flop! Our prayers have been answered!

Kerry calls PM from Paris, vows no further UN action

France Hopes Paris Peace Summit Convinces Trump on Two-state Solution

Trump says he’ll tap ‘natural talent’ Kushner to broker Mideast peace

Fatah leader: 'Palestine' must be liberated through fighting

Palestinian Official: Two-State Solution Just Pretext for Taking Over Israel

Liberals are turning against the Jewish state

Prophecy Sign:  The Last Days Apostate Church

Divinity Schools: Stop Using ‘He’ or ‘Him’ to Refer to God

Presidential inauguration begins with King Solomon's prayer, (ends with call to Mary)
"God of our ancestors and Lord of mercy, you have made all things. And in your providence have charged us to rule the creatures produced by you, to govern the world in holiness and righteousness, and to render judgment with integrity of heart. Give us wisdom, for we are your servants, weak and short-lived, lacking in comprehension of judgment and of laws. Indeed, though one might be perfect among mortals, if wisdom which comes from you be lacking, we count for nothing. Now with you is wisdom, who knows your will and was there when you made the world, who understands what is pleasing in your eyes, what is conformable with your commands, send her forth from your holy heavens. From your glorious throne, dispatch her that she may be with us and work with us, that we may grasp what is pleasing to you. For she knows and understands all things and will guide us prudently in our affairs and safeguard us by her glory."

Prophecy Sign:  ....and the result of the Apostate Church, (turned over the judgement)

Top Bishop: Europe Will Soon Be Muslim Because of Our Stupidity

America's 2nd colonization: This time by Islamists

Prophecy Sign:  Increase in earthquake and volcanic activity

North Korean supervolcano could blow and cause WORLDWIDE devastation

Italy hit by four powerful earthquakes in four hours, bringing terror to region trying to recover from last year's deadly tremors

Prophecy Sign:  Fearful events in the Heavens

Risk of catastrophic asteroid impact ‘real’ – White House

Experts warn extreme space weather would cause £32.5 BILLION blackout across the Earth

Prophecy Sign:  The coming cashless society and the Mark of the Beast 

The US should get rid of cash and move to a digital currency, says this Nobel Laureate economist
Biometrics As National IDs: It’s A Hacked World, After All

Prophecy Sign:  The coming global surveillance/police state

CIA unveils new rules for putting Americans under surveillance just two days before Trump takes power

China to develop prototype super, super computer in 2017

Prophecy Sign:  Increase Knowledge - Genetic Manipulation, (Return of the Nephilim)

The age of the tech-enhanced human

Scientists Bring About ‘Baby Farming’ and The Recreation of The Nephilim

The birth of half-human, half-animal chimeras

Prophecy Sign:  Anomalous Weather Patterns, (And the winters will be severe)

Freak heavy snowfall in SAHARA desert turns massive sand dunes into sledging paradise

COSTA DEL SNOW: Shock for British holidaymakers as freak BLIZZARDS hit Majorca and Benidorm with snowstorms sweeping across the Med

Spain: 2,000 trapped overnight as snow cuts off highways

Prophecy Sign:  Societal Collapse, (Rising Satanism)

Dancing with the devil: Inside the Los Angeles Satanic Temple's biggest EVER 'black mass' 


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