Signs of the Last Days - News for the week of December 24 - December 31, 2016

With a goodbye to the year 2016, we say hello to 2017.  Happy New Year to Everyone

One sure way to know just how close we are to the end, is by the frequency of all the endtimes prophecies coming to convergence at the same time.

When we look at all the headlines below, we can see a host of Last Days prophecies all seemingly coming to a head including such things as:

-  The Potential for mass biological plagues sweeping the earth and wiping out millions of people

-  Israel preparing for any manner of war, (biological, chemical, nuclear), against her hostile neighbors

-  Nations of the world converging against Israel in seeking to divide the Holy Land and Jerusalem even further

-  The breakup of the present world order which is setting the stage for the rise of the power blocs of the last day, (Kings of East, Gog/Magog Alliance, Kings of North and South)

- The rise of Russia, (Land of Magog), on the world stage and especially in the Middle-East

- The continued push to rebuild the Third Jewish Temple

- The increase in both seismic and volcanic activity across the globe

- The exponential increase in knowledge that has mankind on the precipice of genetically modifying both humans and animals, (As was the days of Noah)

- The continue increase in Christian persecution world wide.  The continued slide towards apostasy within much of Christendom.

- The increase in Godlessness and societal collapse.  The love of many will wax cold.

And all the above are just a recap of this weeks articles and links.  As we approach the soon return of Jesus Christ we can expect this convergence of prophecies to come to a singularity in the very near future.  That singularity being the rapture of the Church and the following seven years of Tribulation.

Keep looking up.  Your redemption draws very near.  See you in 2017

Prophecy Sign:  Pestilence, Plagues and Disease

Biological weapons of mass destruction with the ability to spread deadly diseases like Ebola and Zika 'could wipe out up to a fifth of the world's population'

There are more than 1 million viruses that we know absolutely nothing about

Prophecy Sign:  The future Middle-East war(s)

IDF Prepares for Nuclear, Biological and Chemical Warfare

Iranian Revolutionary Guards Spokesman: Settlements Will Spark War That Will Lead to Israel’s Destruction

Pakistan Threatens Nuclear Attack On Israel

Hamas: Israel has become a burden to the world

Prophecy Sign:  Jerusalem & Israel - The Burdensome Stone

John Kerry Unveils His Plan For A Palestinian State Based Upon 1967 Borders With East Jerusalem As The Capital

Jimmy Carter to Obama: Grant Recognition to ‘State of Palestine’ at UN

With the two-state solution a distant dream, Palestinians ask if it's time to push for a one-state solution

In strong attack on Israel, German foreign minister says settlements jeopardize peace

Chief rabbi: US has forsaken Israel, we can trust only in the Lord

Netanyahu 'told New Zealand backing UN vote would be declaration of war'

Circle January 15th: 70 Nations Will Gather In Paris To Discuss The Creation Of A Palestinian State

France to convene Middle East peace conference on Jan. 15

Prophecy Sign:  Rumors of War

World War 3 tensions rise as China sends WAR FLEET towards Taiwan

China's 1st aircraft carrier sails into South China Sea

India tests nuclear-capable ICBM

Iran plans to build aircraft carrier, boost naval warfare capabilities

Prophecy Sign:  The New World Order - Coming global governance

Dawn of the New World Order: 2017 will be the year EVERYTHING changes

Europe 2017: Brexit, Far-Right surging, Russian Threat

Prophecy Sign:  The Third Jewish Temple

The First Step towards Building the Third Temple: A Synagogue on the Temple Mount

Prophecy Sign:  Days of Noah - Genetic Manipulation

The UN Just Gave Scientists the Green Light to Mess With Natural Selection

Can Aging be Prevented by Nanotechnology?

Messing with genes could WIPE OUT geniuses from the earth

Could we soon 'upgrade' our bodies? Extreme bionics will create modular superhumans

Prophecy Sign:  Return of the Nephilim - Ancient Alien Deception

2017 could be the year we FINALLY confirm ET existence, say experts

Interstellar messaging project aims to contact extraterrestrial life 

Prophecy Sign:  Increased Seismic & Volcanic Activity

Fears of BIG ONE coming as US hit by EIGHT tremors in an hour

Huge hole in the ocean floor near Australia could cause catastrophic earthquakes and tsunamis

13 different volcanoes are currently erupting – And it’s not near to an end

Mexico's Colima volcano erupts, making 1.5 mile ash plume

Alaska volcano erupts, sends up ash cloud

Prophecy Sign:  Christian Apostasy and Persecution

United Methodist Church Calls for 75-Week 'Focused Prayer' on Homosexuality Debate

Italian Priest Dresses Virgin Mary in Burqa for Nativity Scene

1 Christian killed for their faith every 6 minutes in 2016 – study

Latest violence has Christians across Middle East fearing bleak future for themselves in region

Few answers as Chicago hit with worst violence in nearly 20 years

Violent crime in L.A. jumps for third straight year as police deal with gang, homeless issues


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