Signs of the Last Days - News for the week of November 12 - November 18, 2016

So will 2016 go down as the year that God called out "Whoa Nelly" and put the brakes to the onrushing one world global order and a World War 3 situation?  The summer Brexit vote and last weeks American election results have turned the world on its head as the globalists race to shore up their New World Order dreams in the face of rising populist movements preaching nationalism rather than globalism.

Or did God order these moves to allow for further developments in Israel and Jerusalem?  Remember, the coming Tribulation period is not only about judging an unrepentant world, but also to deal with Israel and the Jews in bringing that nation to the full knowledge of Jesus Christ truly being their Messiah.  Groups and politicians in Israel are now pushing Donald Trump to honor his promise to declare Jerusalem the capital of Israel and move the U.S. embassy there.  As well, the Sanhedrin and several Rabbis are pushing both Trump and Russian President Vladimir Putin to allow for the construction of the third Jewish Temple.  There is also talk in Israel that Trump's election may help Israel secure peace and security, (article below), and we all know what the bible has to say when the world says 'peace and safety'....there will be sudden destruction, (1 Thessalonians 5:3) 

In America, the unhinged progressive left is still trying to overturn the election results in whatever manner possible which to some even means assassinating the President Elect or threatening harm to the College Electors if they vote for Trump:

Paid Protesters “Planning to Cause Chaos In DC” And Block Peaceful Inauguration for Trump

Could the Electoral College elect Hillary Clinton instead of Donald Trump?

Anti-Trump Protesters Threaten to “Put a Bullet” in the Brain of Michigan Elector

Truth be know, a great many of the Trump protesters consist of so-called millennials who couldn't be bothered to vote in the election but have found time away from their university and college studies to bang on drums and wave placards in their collective hissy-fits.  Piers Morgan, (who got into hot war with the second amendment folks some time back), has recently been authoring some very funny and interesting articles, including the one below where he capsulizes the millennial mindset in one hilarious paragraph. Preach it Brother Morgan!  

Memo to millennials, that awful feeling you've got is called losing
The tragic truth is that America’s millennials are a bunch of phone-addicted, selfie-obsessed, hashtagging, snapchatting, kale-munching, twerking, lazy, whining, ill-informed, politically correct, cossetted narcissists who find absolutely everything mortally offensive and believe there are 165 ways to sexually identify. They don’t understand the concept of ‘losing’ because they’ve never had to experience it. At school, to avoid any ‘low self-esteem issues’, they were all given endless ‘Participation Prizes’. 

And what are the mainstream media up to after being so soundly repudiated in their collective coronation of Hillary Clinton?  Why they are trying to silence that noisy right wing alternative media that dug up all those nasty reports on the Democratic Party performing evil dirty tricks on behalf of an equally corrupt candidate.  This is probably the dry run for the day when the Antichrist is in power and any and all negative posting will be silenced. 

No to be deterred, the worlds most favorite religious figure, (the Pope), is marching onward to reshape his church into a collective of social justice warriors instead of a gospel preaching army.  The Pope even went so far in a recent interview, (article below), to equate Marxist theology and Communism with Christianity.  I'm not kidding, he actually said that.  Well we know that the bible says the false global religious system and the False Prophet of the Tribulation will work hand in hand with the economic/political kingdom of the Antichrist to force the world to bend the knee and worship the Antichrist as God.  The current Pope is just pushing that agenda.

The faceless bureaucrats that are attempting to usher in global government, are busy racing around the world trying to convince everybody that we have a warming world where winters will be no more......scratch that, it will be a mini-ice age in four years time......scratch that...never mind what we predict and just believe us when we say global government will solve all our problems.

Yes, we live in interesting times, and it's only going to get more interesting in the days to come.  

As always, keep looking up for your redemption drawth nigh.  Maranatha.

Prophecy Sign:  The One World Government - Internet Control, (Revelation 13:7)

China's Xi urges cooperation among nations in governance of global internet

Merkel With Obama: Internet ‘Disruptive’ Force that Has to Be ‘Contained, Managed, and Steered’ by Government

Desperate: Establishment Media Says Everything Apart From Itself Is ‘Fake’

Donald Trump supporters get their news from a strange media universe – and it's frequently fact-free

Zuckerberg vows to weed out Facebook 'fake news'

Google will ban fake news sites from its ad service

Prophecy Sign:  The Revived Roman Empire, (Daniel 2 & 7, Revelation 17)

Trump could WIPE OUT the EU - populist tide could be HAMMER BLOW to Brussels, Lord says

Chaos Ensues As Europe Splinters In Response To Trump: UK, France, Hungary Snub EU Emergency Meeting

Europe at risk of collapse; France, Germany must lead - French PM

Britain kills off plans for EU army after string of countries back the UK

Prophecy Signs:  Jerusalem the Burdensome Stone and the Third Temple, (Zechariah 12:3)

Will Trump Break With Predecessors And Move US Embassy to Jerusalem?

Palestinian UN envoy threatens to ‘unleash all weapons’ on US if Trump moves embassy to Jerusalem

Rabbis Urge Trump, Putin to Help Rebuild Temple in Jerusalem

Temple Institute Moves Ahead With Plans For Third Temple

Netanyahu: Looking Forward To Working With Trump On Twin Interests Of Peace, Security

Prophecy Sign:  Iran, (Persia), in the Last Days, (Ezekiel 38/39)

Iran Breaks Nuclear Deal, But the Obama Administration Won't Say It's a 'Formal Violation'

Senior Iranian Cleric Warns President-Elect Trump ‘Not to Play Around’ With Tehran; Says Democrats, Republicans Both in ‘Service of Zionists’

EU ministers reaffirm Iran deal in face of Trump presidency

US-Iran nuclear deal: Will Donald Trump cancel the deal?

Defcon nuclear threat REDUCED to safest level following Donald Trump victory

Prophecy Sign:  The Gog/Magog Alliance, (Ezekiel 38/39)

Russia has long-term ambitions in the Middle East: Israeli official

Russia and Iran in talks for $10 billion military deal

Islamic Groups Unite against Israel

Prophecy Sign:  Roaring and Tossing of the Seas - Anomalous Weather Patterns, (Luke 21:25) which one am I suppose to believe??  Are we heading for a mini-ice age or is it winter no more??  Can't you people make up your minds??

GLOBAL FREEZING: 15-year ICE AGE to hit in just 4 years as the sun prepares to 'HIBERNATE'

On 1 Trip, Kerry Producing As Much CO2 as Average American Does in 1 Year

Mega-sized Canadian delegation in Morocco for this year’s United Nations climate change conference

Prophecy Sign:  Increased Knowledge - Genetic Manipulation, (Daniel 12:4)

DNA-editing breakthrough could fix 'broken genes' in the brain, delay ageing and cure incurable diseases

CRISPR gene-editing tested in a person for the first time

Federal panel approves first use of CRISPR in humans

How I became a cyborg and joined an underground medical movement

Prophecy Sign:  Great earthquakes in divers places, (Matthew 24, Mark 13)

Damage caused by the deadly 7.8 magnitude earthquake that hit New Zealand will cost BILLIONS to repair

New Zealand’s latest earthquake could trigger a mega-quake

Prophecy Sign:  The False Prophet and the Global religious system, (Revelation 17) 

Pope Francis: "Trump? I do not judge. I care only if he makes the poor suffer"
You told me some time ago that the precept, “Love your neighbour as thyself” had to change, given the dark times that we are going through, and become “more than thyself.” So you yearn for a society where equality dominates. This, as you know, is the programme of Marxist socialism and then of communism. Are you therefore thinking of a Marxist type of society?
“It has been said many times and my response has always been that, if anything, it is the communists who think like Christians. 
Christ spoke of a society where the poor, the weak and the marginalized have the right to decide. Not demagogues, not Barabbas, but the people, the poor, whether they have faith in a transcendent God or not. It is they who must help to achieve equality and freedom".

Prophecy Sign:  The Last Days Apostate Church, (2 Timothy 4:3)


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