Signs of the Last Days - News for the week of Sept 24-30'16

Well it's another week of some very interesting headlines.  There is so much going on, and most of it indicates an increasingly godlessness.  Everything from an exponential increase in violence and sexual depravity, from genetic manipulation of God's creation to rising interest in Satanism and the occult. We are definitely living in the Days of Noah as Jesus said would exist again prior to his return.

We wish to point out some of the videos contained in this particular blog post.  As many of you may be aware, the world's present economic system is shaking at best and near collapse at the worst. We suggest watching the video with the caption 'Economic Collapse 2016'.  The video does an excellent job of looking back at the recent history of economic downturns, (2000 & 2008), and comparing that to current trends.  Based on those comparisons it is quite apparent that our present situation is perilous to say the least.  It is our opinion that a global economic collapse will be necessary prior to the implementation of the future New Economic World order of the Antichrist, (and his 10 cohorts).

There is also a video below reporting on the radical increase in Jewish hatred in our Colleges and Universities, and a further video below exposing the plans for the coming New World Order, (the one world governmental system of the Antichrist).  Globalists world wide are no longer hiding behind euphemisms for their plans but are now outright calling for global governance and are decrying the recent rise in nationalism, (the Brexit vote and election defeats of status quo parties in European elections for example).

Jesus Christ is coming soon.  Are you ready?  Keep looking up.  Maranatha. ,

Prophecy Sign:  Perilous Times - Increased violence, (Matthew 24:12)

A Spirit Of Violence Rises In America Following The Unveiling Of The ‘Harbinger Of Baal’ In New York

U.S. murders up 11% in biggest spike since 1971

Black Lives Matter Leader: ‘We Will INCITE RIOTS Everywhere If Trump Wins’

Prophecy Sign:  The future Surveillance/Police State - Antichrist System, (Revelation 13:7) 

After New York Attack, Congress Wants TSA to Secure Amtrak, Buses

Prophecy Sign:  Signs in the Cosmos/Increase earthquake activity, (Luke 21:25)

Warning of rare BLACK MOON: Astrological event to herald 'End of Days' and second coming

Solar storm heading towards Earth threatening to break your Sky TV and mobile phones

Prophecy Sign:  Increasing sexual depravity, Revelation 9:21

Transgender man gives birth to his OWN BABY in world first

New Sacramento Kings arena hailed for transgender-friendly restrooms

Prophecy Sign:  The days of Noah, (Genetic Manipulation) 

World’s first baby born using new 'three-parent' technique

Prophecy Sign:  Rising occultism/Satanism, (Revelation 9:21)

Rise of Satanism another sign of 'America's fall from God'

Allow Satan club, lawyer tells Mount Vernon schools

Satanic Temple brings after-school club to Portland elementary school

Satanists Push for Demon Statue on Arkansas Capitol Grounds

'Emergency' need for exorcists after surge in people dabbling in Satanism and black magic

Exorcist warns of a demon that seeks to attack FAMILIES and has been encountered in numerous exorcisms carried out by the Catholic Church

Prophecy Sign:  Societal collapse, (Evil for Good - Isaiah 5:20)

Ban conscientious objection by Canadian doctors, urge ethicists in volatile commentary

Is the U.S. at Risk of Losing Religious Freedom?

German Parenting Magazine Warns ‘Blond, Cheerful’ Families Dangerous, Likely Right Wing

Prophecy Sign:  Regathering of the Jews in the Last Days, (Isiah 43:6-7)

French Jews feel they can give their children a better future in Israel

Prophecy Sign:  Rumors of War, (Matthew 24:6)

World War 3 News: North Korea Warns UN of Nuclear War, G-7 To Retaliate

Tokyo scrambles jets as Beijing stages air force exercise near Japanese islands

Prophecy Sign:  The future economic collapse, (Ezekiel 7:19) & New Economic World Order

Global debt climbs towards fresh high as companies and countries keep on borrowing

Deutsche Bank shares plummet to record low as Merkel rules out bailout

Venezuelan children fainting in school because they are hungry

Prophecy Sign:  The coming One World Governmental System (The Antichrist System - Daniel 7, Revelation 17)

Besieged Globalists Ponder What Went Wrong


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