Signs of the Last Days - News for the week of Sept 3-9'16

As you may have noticed we have changed things up on this blog over the summer months.  Rather than individual blog entries featuring a particular prophecy sign we have moved to  more of an aggregate news headline format.  The reason for this has been lack of available time with which to generate our usual blog format.  Perhaps when things slow down a bit during the coming fall and winter months we may go back to the familiar format.

In the meantime, we will continue to try as best we can to keep you informed as to what is going on in this world of ours as it pertains to the soon coming of Jesus Christ. And this particular week was no exception in newsworthy items.  

We note that the world is fast approaching major wars breaking out all across the globe.  We also note that the worlds current monetary system is only a couple years away from being radically change to a cashless society featuring a new digital currency system, (thus making it much more easy for a world government to control who is able to buy and sell).

We also note the recent push by Russia to kick-start peace talks between Israel and the Palestinians. This is very interesting given that we know Russia, (Land of Magog), will play a very big part in future bible prophecy, (Ezekiel 38/39).

The world continues to slide into increasing depravity with bible believing Christians becoming more and more marginalized and hated by an increasingly secular society.   Hatred of the Jews is also on the rise reaching levels not seen for decades.

All of the above are signs of which God's word, (the Bible), warns us will happen and to watch for, as we near the soon coming of Jesus Christ, (which we believe is very, very near)

Keep looking up and know that God is always in control of things. 

Prophecy Sign:  Rumors of War

VLADIMIR SHOOTIN'  Russian president is gearing up for atomic war with the West by building top-secret nuclear shelters, security experts fear

WW3 WARNING  Planet closer to catastrophic World War III than at any time for SIXTY years, experts warn… and it doesn’t look good for Britain or America if it does kick off

Congressional report warns of 'growing' war threat

Russia warns of NEW WORLD WAR as NK tests bomb more powerful than Hiroshima

North Korea conducts nuclear test that was more powerful than the bomb dropped on Hiroshima

With each test, N. Korea inches closer to being able to send a nuclear-tipped missile to the U.S.

Israeli military expects Islamic State attack on its southern border 'within six months'

Prophecy Sign:  The coming cashless society/global currency

A cashless society? Some retailers turn noses up at currency

Want a Free Market? Abolish Cash

Here's a timetable for the dollar's demise

Get ready for a world currency by 2018, (article from 1988)

Prophecy Sign:  The coming global economic collapse, (and reset)

The Percentage Of Working Age Men That Do Not Have A Job Is Similar To The Great Depression

The Fed may be preparing for the unthinkable — negative interest rates in America

The Great Debt Unwind Beneath the Surface: US Commercial Bankruptcies Soar

Prophecy Sign:  The future seven year covenant of Peace with Israel and the Many

Russia Says It Will Host Peace Talks Between Israel and the Palestinians

Netanyahu considering offer of talks with Palestinian president in Moscow

Russian Mideast push could hurt US influence… if talks occur

Russia, Abbas, Pushing for Moscow Summit with Netanyahu

Prophecy Sign:  Israel will be blessed with hidden treasures in the Last Days

'Israel poised to become key player in regional gas industry'

Prophecy Sign:  Increasing hatred of the Jews and the State of Israel 

Israeli UN Envoy: Jew-Hatred At ‘Highest Level of Our Lifetimes’

American UN Envoy Samantha Power: ‘Undeniable’ That Antisemitism Is Getting Worse in Some Parts of the World

Fearing BDS backlash, Syracuse U official uninvites Israeli director

Israel: Rise of Social Media Linked to Rising Anti-Semitism

Prophecy Sign:  Increasing Christian hatred/marginalization

‘Religious freedom,’ ‘liberty’ just ‘code words’ for intolerance, U.S. Civil Rights chairman says

Muslim Radicals Attack 200 Christians at Indonesian Church, Harass Priest for Reading the Bible

Prophecy Sign:  The Last Days Laodicean, (Apostate) Church

The ‘Church’ Infecting Christianity: Where Did the Emergent Church Emerge From?

Research: Megachurches Are Becoming More Mega

Prophecy Sign:  Exponential increase in knowledge in the Last Days

Nanotech To Bring Radical Life Extension

The ethics of transhumanism

Chimeras: An ethical crisis crying out for comment

Building a stairway to the singularity

Prophecy Sign:  Great Earthquakes in diverse places

Concern Grows That A Megaquake Is Going To Hit The Middle Of The United States

USGS urges Kansans to prepare for earthquakes like Californians

Prophecy Sign:  Perilous Times

5 Cataclysms that Could Destroy Earth in 2017

Security services concerned amateur 'biohackers' could create biological weapons, academic says

Nigeria Facing 'a Famine Unlike Any We Have Ever Seen'

River in Russia Mysteriously Turns Blood Red

Rivers of blood in Dhaka

University of Colorado Bans Free Inquiry of Students Questioning Global Warming

Prophecy Sign:  An increasingly evil and depraved society, (Godlessness)

Rev. Graham: Obama Promotes 'Ungodly Sexual Behavior' -- Now There Is 'All-Out War on Religious Liberty'

Omaha schools pushing transgender politics on students

Obama administration ‘stunt’ would force states to fund Planned Parenthood

Tampons coming to men's rooms at Brown University

4 Year Old Child Starts Sex Change Before Kindergarten in Australia

California Senate passes bill to silence Daleiden, pro-life investigative journalists

Masturbating in public is not a crime, Italy's highest court rules, after 69-year-old argues he 'only does it occasionally'


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