22 schoolgirls 'suffered mass demonic possession' and foamed at mouth after playing game of 'Charlie Charlie'

Prophecy Sign:  Increase in demonic activity

Another report of school children coming under demonic attack, with similar mass hysteria and reports of a man dressed in black being part of the phenomenon.   If that weren't bizarre enough we read that sex with the demonic world is becoming another sexual inclination. 

The bible warns that during the darkest days of the coming Tribulation, people will simply not repent of their worship and infatuation with demons and the spirit world.  

But the people who did not die in these plagues still refused to repent of their evil deeds and turn to God. They continued to worship demons and idols made of gold, silver, bronze, stone, and wood--idols that can neither see nor hear nor walk! Revelation 9:20 NLT

22 schoolgirls 'suffered mass demonic possession' and foamed at mouth after playing game of 'Charlie Charlie'
This is the chilling moment 22 schoolgirls - aged between 12 and 15 - 'suffered mass demonic possession' after playing a game of 'Charlie Charlie'. The children were screaming, writhing and hallucinating - and some were even foaming at the mouth. One victim claimed she could see a 'man dressed in black' while possessed - and locals are praying against witchcraft as authorities warn against playing the game. The traumatic incident happened on Saturday in the Choco region of Colombia which borders with Panama. The children were rushed from their school to to a medical centre in N├│vita - all suffering with the same symptoms.

The MetroSpiritual: Kinky sex that's literally out of this world 
Sexual liaisons with otherworldly beings is seemingly on the the rise — or at least admitting it in public is. It's called spectrophilia and not surprisingly, it’s common among metrospirituals and other enlightened people. It involves having intimate relations with a ghost, spirit or other entity. Unlike an incubus — a male evil spirit who has sex with sleeping women — or its female counterpart, a succubus, people who engage in spectrophilia say its intense ecstasy often brings them to a level of sexual fulfillment beyond anything physical with another living being.


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