Why Is The Weather So Crazy All Of A Sudden?

Prophecy Sign:  The roaring and tossing seas - Anomalous weather patterns

From floods to drought, from heat waves to wildfires.....there is no doubt that the weather patterns around the globe have indeed 'gone crazy' as the article below suggests.  Bible prophecy tells us that at the time of the end, the world would look at such craziness of weather, (roaring and tossing of seas), with great perplexity, (confusion and even anger at the perceived cause).

There will be signs in the sun, moon and stars. On the earth, nations will be in anguish and perplexity at the roaring and tossing of the sea. Luke 21:25 NIV

Why Is The Weather So Crazy All Of A Sudden?
All over the planet, global weather patterns have gone completely nuts.  Just over the past few days we have seen “life threatening” heatwaves, extremely dangerous wildfires, vicious tornadoes and unprecedented flooding – and that is just in the United States.  And of course this is just the continuation of a trend that stretches back to last year, when extremely weird weather created “apocalyptic-like conditions” in many areas around the world.  So why is this happening?  For decades, we could count on weather patterns falling within fairly predictable parameters, but now that is completely changing all of a sudden.  All over the globe we are seeing things happen that we have never seen happen before, and the weather just seems to get even more crazy with each passing month.

Floods apocalypse around the world in June 2016: USA, Mexico, Russia, China, France, Germany, Belgium, Ukraine, Romania
The current floods apocalypse isn’t only centered around Europe but is also hitting countries worldwide. Here a compilation of the worst flooding’s across the world in USA, Mexico, Russia, China, France, Germany, Belgium, Ukraine, Romania. And the worst is just in front of us! Let’s start talking about the biblical floods currently sweeping across western and Eastern Europe. Days of downpours have caused ten deaths in Germany, two in France and Romania and one in Belgium. The River Seine in Paris is six meters higher than normal.

Tropical rains, possible tornadoes threaten half of the US

Rain slows, but flooding emergency worsens near Texas Gulf coast

Southern California heat wave continues, but cooler temperatures are on the way

Paris floods: Seine set to peak as more rain forecast

France floods: Louvre to close as Seine rises further

Large, complex and dangerous weather system developing over Australia

Wildfires raging in the West Bank


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