One in ten Germans want a new FUHRER

Prophecy Sign:  The emergence of the future 'Man of Sin', (Antichrist)

As the world continues to descend into chaos, (economic strife, rumors of war, unfettered immigration, religious persecution), people are becoming increasingly desperate for leadership that can solve the world's problems.  So desperate that they would even consider accepting the leadership of a "firm hand', (a euphemism for dictator), for the 'common good'.  Such is a poll which indicated that 10 percent of Germans would go down that road again.  And as things get even worse, expect those numbers to rise, not only in Germany, but around the globe.  This will be how the future Antichrist will come to power, promising solutions to all the problems of the world, (he will even achieve a peace agreement between Israel and the 'many').  However, his solutions wont be worth the paper they are written on as he embarks on a plan which will see 'astounding devastation'.  

He will become very strong, but not by his own power. He will cause astounding devastation and will succeed in whatever he does. He will destroy those who are mighty, the holy people. Daniel 8:24

One in ten Germans want a new FUHRER and a third believe their country ‘is dangerously overpopulated by foreigners’, new study finds 
A new academic study has rocked the government in Berlin as people call for a 'dictatorship in the national interest' with one in ten wanting a new Führer to lead them to glory. The University of Leipzig's research team found that nearly 34 per cent of people quizzed thought Germany is 'dangerously overpopulated by foreigners.'  A total of 21.9 per cent agreed that Germany needs 'a single strong party that embodies the national community as a whole'. One in every ten Germans wants their country to be led by a 'Führer' applying 'a firm hand for the common good.' And 71 years after Nazism was vanquished and the horror of the death camps revealed to a stunned world, 11 per cent of people questioned by the university researchers said Jews have too much influence in society. Overall 12 per cent think Germans are by nature 'superior' to other people - a central plank of the ideology of Adolf Hitler and the original Nazis. 


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