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Friday, June 3, 2016

Giant swarm of locusts fills the sky in terrifying footage

Prophecy Sign:  Pestilence

When the bible warns of 'pestilence' in the last days, (Luke 21:11), it is not only warning of plagues and disease but also everything and anything that devours crops, (locusts, mice, rats, insects, etc). There have been several reports in the last couple years of locusts swarms destroying vast swaths of crops, with the most recent occurrence in Russia. 

You will sow much seed in the field but you will harvest little, because locusts will devour it. Deuteronomy 28:38 NIV

Giant swarm of locusts fills the sky in terrifying footage
The sun was blocked out when thousands of bugs descended from the sky in near Biblical scenes. The massive swarm is so huge it has spread for 70 thousand hectares across farmland in southern Russia. Local authorities have reportedly scrambled vehicles and aircraft to combat the major infestation. In the shocking video dark clouds of the insects cover the sky. It causes chaos for cars whose drivers swerve to avoid the giant collection of bugs. Locust swarms appear in the area nearly every year, finding fertile breeding grounds on abandoned farmlands. This year, dry weather has created a superabundance of the creatures, which can each eat their own body weight in food every day.

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