50 dead in Florida nightclub shooting, worst in US history

Prophecy Sign:  Perilous Times - Terrorism

For all the families of the dead and wounded in today's horrible terror attack in Orlando Florida, our heartfelt prayers go out to you.

According to the article below, terror attacks are at an all-time high and will only increase in frequency and severity.  The next attack could be something even more horrendous and horrible as terror groups seek to bring nuclear attacks to western shores.

Please pray for peace and that God will place his hand of protection over our lands and nations.  But of course that is incumbent on the nations turning back to God, for if they don't God's hand of protection will removed and what we have seen today will become every more prevalent.

Therefore thus says the Lord GOD: “An adversary shall surround the land and bring down your defenses from you, and your strongholds shall be plundered. Amos 3:11 ESV

50 dead in Florida nightclub shooting, worst in US history
A gunman wielding an assault-type rifle and a handgun opened fire inside a crowded Florida nightclub early Sunday, killing at least 50 people before dying in a gunfight with SWAT officers, police said. It was the worst mass shooting in American history. Authorities were investigating it as an act of terrorism. At least 53 other people were hospitalized, most in critical condition, officials said. A surgeon at Orlando Regional Medical Center said the death toll was likely to climb. Mayor Buddy Dyer said all of the dead were killed with the assault rifle. "There's blood everywhere," Dyer said.

Terror attacks at 'all-time high' as study finds world is becoming more violent
Terrorist attacks are at an all-time high and there are more refugees now than at any time since the Second World War, according to a new study which suggests the world is becoming more violent.  The worsening conflict in the Middle East, the lack of a solution to the migrant crisis and an increase in major terrorist incidents have all contributed to making the planet less peaceful, the 2016 Global Peace Index found. The index showed that most attacks it classed as terrorist were concentrated in five countries - Syria, Iraq, Nigeria, Afghanistan and Pakistan.

The threat of a NUCLEAR terror attack is at its highest since the Cold War
The threat of a 'dirty bomb' terror attack on a European city is at its highest level since the end of the Cold War, international nuclear experts have warned. ISIS's efforts to obtain nuclear materials, and continued threats to attack Western capitals contribute to experts' analysis that the threat of a bomb is higher than ever. ISIS has used chemical weapons in Iraq and Syria and militants linked to both the Paris and Brussels attacks had been studying a Belgian nuclear power plant.  'ISIS has already carried out numerous chemical weapons attacks in Syria,' Moshe Kantor, head of Luxembourg Forum on Preventing Nuclear Catastrophe, said at a conference on Tuesday. 'We know it wants to go further by carrying out a nuclear attack in the heart of Europe


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