29 Christians Tortured by Hindu Extremists for Refusing to Forsake Christ

Prophecy Sign:  Increasing Christian persecution

It's not just at the hands of the Islamic world that Christians are suffering persecution but also from Hindu extremists, (which seems to be open season on Christians in some areas of India).  This is all part of the increase in persecution world wide, (article below), which is another sign of the Last Days.

29 Christians Tortured by Hindu Extremists for Refusing to Forsake Christ
Hindu extremists have beaten and tortured 29 Christians who refused to deny their faith in Christ in the village of Katholi in India, reports say. The Express reported on Tuesday that the radicals also destroyed several Christian homes, and forced dozens of believers to flee the village. The Hindu extremists apparently set up rituals aimed at converting the Christians into Hindus, and held a public meeting where they gathered believers. After the Christians, which included men, women, and children, refused to convert, however, they were beaten and tortured. Persecution watchdog group Open Doors said: "The villagers accused them saying – because of you our god and goddess are fleeing from our village. When they refused to forsake Christ they began to beat them." The group added: "Beating them they drove them towards their houses and threw out their belonging." Christians have been growing in terms of numbers in India, which has prompted numerous attacks by concerned Hindu radicals in various towns and villages across the country.

Now it’s HINDU extremists – Christians tortured for refusing to convert
“Sadly persecution of Christians in India is rising. “Hindu extremists have been attacking Christians more frequently and more violently. This is happening across India and has increased by 34% since 2013. “Christians are also finding they are prevented from getting certain jobs, buying land or developing land in certain areas and even distributing Christian literature has led to arrests in cities like Delhi. 

Dying for Christianity: millions at risk amid rise in persecution across the globe
Christians are facing growing persecution around the world, fuelled mainly by Islamic extremism and repressive governments, leading the pope to warn of “a form of genocide” and for campaigners to speak of “religio-ethnic cleansing”. The scale of attacks on Christians in the Middle East, sub-Saharan Africa, Asia and Latin America has alarmed organisations that monitor religious persecution, with most reporting a significant deterioration in recent years.


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