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Thursday, May 5, 2016

Fort McMurray wildfire: state of emergency declared as 1,600 buildings engulfed in flames

Prayer Item  - Fort McMurray Alberta

In the event you haven't already seen or heard of the tragedy that is presently happening in the Canadian city of Fort McMurray, Alberta, then just check out the articles below.  The entire city of close to 90,000 people have been evacuated and parts of the city have been destroyed by a major wildfire that is still uncontained. Several thousands of building will have been burnt to the ground when all is said and done at a cost of billions of dollars.

We ask that you pray with us for the citizens of the Northern Alberta community that God would cool the temperatures, (which have been hovering around 32C, (90F), calm the winds and bring the rains which can help douse the flames.  Thankfully no lives have been lost, but many, many people will have lost their homes and for some even their place of work.  It will be a very difficult time for many in the days to come.  Pray that the churches of Alberta will be a blessing and a help to the folks now in shelters all across Northern Alberta. 


Fort McMurray wildfire: state of emergency declared as 1,600 buildings engulfed in flames 
A state of emergency has been declared in Fort McMurray after a massive wildfire tore through hundreds of homes and forced the city's entire population to evacuate.  Alberta firefighters said on Thursday morning that the blaze was yet to be contained, but praised the efforts of scores of volunteers who rushed to the city to provide fuel for those fleeing the devastation by car. Among the 1,600 buildings devastated by the fire as a petrol station, a hospital, a newly built school and hundreds of homes.

Alberta wildfire set to become costliest Canadian natural disaster ever with $1.6BILLION-worth of damage
Alberta declared a state of emergency on Wednesday afternoon for what was shaping up to be Canada's costliest natural disaster. Premier Rachel Notley said fire had destroyed or damaged an estimated 1,600 structures.  Flames are being kept from the downtown area thanks to the 'herculean' efforts of firefighters, said Scott Long, of the Alberta Emergency Management Agency. No injuries or fatalities have been reported. Long added that there was a chance that 'a large portion of the town' would be lost, The Star reports. Chief Darby Allen of the Fort McMurray fire department said: 'There are certainly areas within the city that have not been burned, but this fire will look for them and it will find them and it will want to take them.' The fire appeared near the airport late on Wednesday. All commercial flights in and out of Fort McMurray have been suspended. With 1,600 buildings destroyed and another 19,000 under threat, analysts and industry sources say the bill for insurers is expect to exceed over C$2 billion ($1.6 billion). 

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