The Messiah is Coming!

An interesting aside:

As bible prophecy watchers, we know from the signs we see, that the return of Jesus Christ for his bride, the Church is very, very close at hand.  We don't predict dates as we have no idea of the mind of God.  However, with that said, it is very interesting that both Islamic Clerics and Jewish Rabbis are both convinced that their respective messianic figures, (the Messiah and the Mahdi), will appear in the world in 2016.  We know that this person is not Jesus Christ, but in fact will be the false messiah, otherwise known as the Antichrist.  

Whether or not the Jewish and Islamic religious leaders are anywhere close to correct remains to be seen, but it is interesting that other faiths, (besides we crazy bible believing Christians), are absolutely convinced of the closeness of the hour to things changing radically here on planet earth. 

God provided a sign for a final generation to watch for that would indicate his soon appearance, and that would be the restoration of the Jewish State and Jerusalem as it's capital.  This final generation, (or terminal generation), would not pass away, (Matthew 24:34), but would see the glorious appearance of our Lord and Saviour, Jesus Christ. 

Amen and Maranatha. 

For the LORD will rebuild Zion and appear in his glory. He will respond to the prayer of the destitute; he will not despise their plea. Let this be written for a future generation, that a people not yet created may praise the LORD: Psalm 102:16-18 NIV

The Messiah is Coming!
Orthodox media often talks about the coming of Messiah. In political developments and natural catastrophes, they see signs of His imminent approach.

Coming of the Messiah
The rabbinic news in Israel is that the Mashiach ben Dovid may be revealed and inaugurated as King Messiah as soon as Succot in the fall of 2016 (Jewish year of 5777). This has left many to question, what are we to do?  The Orthodox rabbis in Jerusalem and Israel are calling out with greater urgency to the upwards of 10 million Jews in the Diaspora: come home to your home in the Land of Israel.

Hebrew Numerology Suggests Messiah in 2016
In an interview with Christian filmmaker Richard Shaw, director of the film Torah Codes: End to Darkness, prolific author and Bible Codes expert Rabbi Mattityahu Glazerson demonstrates how multiple Hebrew phrases hint that the Hebrew year 5776 (2015-2016) will be a significant year for the appearance of the Messiah.

Signs of The Coming Messiah: Major War Between Iran and Saudi Arabia
A piece of rabbinic literature (written 2000 years ago) known as the Yalkut Shimoni touches on many future scenarios both for the nation of Israel and for the world. In its section on the biblical Book of Isaiah and the prophecies contained therein, a rabbi cited by the Yalkut Shimoni states: “That the year the Messiah will arrive when all the nations of the world will antagonize each other and threaten with war. The king of Persia (Iran) antagonizes the King of Arabia (Saudi Arabia) with war. 


  1. I know someone who is potential Messiah (I am 100% sure he is he one). He was born in 1967 east of Israel, but never been to Israel so far.
    When would he appear on he scene? I have no idea. But again, I am 100 sure he is the one.


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