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Thursday, March 10, 2016

Global fears as markets lose faith in central banks

Prophecy Sign:  The coming global economic collapse, (and re-set)

Turn on your TV set and the local news broadcast will tell you that there is nothing at all to worry about, and that the economy will sort itself out to the betterment of all.  If you believe that, then you haven't been paying attention to just what is going on in this world.  Some very reputable economic gurus are worried that a crash of epic proportions may only be a half a year away as economic bubbles all across the globe begin to burst.

For he has oppressed the poor and left them destitute; he has seized houses he did not build.  “Surely he will have no respite from his craving; he cannot save himself by his treasure.  Nothing is left for him to devour; his prosperity will not endure.  In the midst of his plenty, distress will overtake him; the full force of misery will come upon him. Job 20:19-22 NIV

Global fears as markets lose faith in central banks
The global economy is heading for a storm as faith in policymakers dwindles, according to a stark warning from one of the world’s most respected financial institutions. The uneasy calm in financial markets last year has given way to turbulence, the Bank for International Settlements, known as the central bank for the world’s central banks, said in its latest quarterly report. Financial markets are losing faith in the healing power of central banks and their latest policy weapon — negative interest rates — to boost the world’s main economies, the bank said.

GLOBAL financial crash 'MONTHS away': Bubbles are bursting EVERY DAY, warns Yale academic
Financial bubbles across the globe are imploding and the problem is only set to get worse, an academic from one America's top universities has warned. Prices are falling around the world thanks to the collapse of China's debt fuelled economic growth and this has triggered a succession of disastrous events that are starting to be realised, according to Vikram Mansharamani, an author and, lecturer at Yale University. Fears are growing that the world could face a financial crash of unprecedented levels and could even be just six months away. Bubbles created by the mountain of cheap money made available by low interest rates since the last financial crisis are now starting to burst, said Mr Mansharamani.

Market Meltdown Already Underway-Gregory Mannarino
Trader/analyst Gregory Mannarino says forget about the recent market rally, the markets “have nowhere to go but down.” Mannarino explains, “According to the charts, something big has already begun.  This is not a ‘maybe this will happen,’ this has already started. 

The Collapse Of Italy’s Banks Threatens To Plunge The European Financial System Into Chaos
The Italian banking system is a “leaning tower” that truly could completely collapse at literally any moment.  And as Italy’s banks begin to go down like dominoes, it is going to set off financial panic all over Europe unlike anything we have ever seen before.  I wrote about the troubles in Italy back in January, but since that time the crisis has escalated.  At this point, Italian banking stocks have declined a whopping 28 percent since the beginning of 2016, and when you look at some of the biggest Italian banks the numbers become even more frightening.  

The Economic Collapse Of South America Is Well Underway
Here in the United States, there are still people who doubt that an economic crisis is happening. But in Venezuela and Brazil there is no debate. Unfortunately, what is happening in Venezuela and Brazil is also slowly starting to happen to most of the rest of the planet as well.  It is just that they are a little farther down the road.  Economic and financial bubbles are bursting all over the world.

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