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Thursday, March 10, 2016

Clamp Down on Cash Is the Ultimate Surveillance State

Prophecy Sign:  The future cashless society

It's not just those of us who are prophecy watchers, but free thinking freedom stalwarts who are seeing the drive towards the cashless society.  As the article below states, this will lead to the 'ultimate surveillance state', where 'every transaction, every purchase and every activity is monitored'.  Sounds pretty much like what the future holds under the global dominate world of the Antichrist. 

…and he provides that no one will be able to buy or to sell, except the one who has the mark, either the name of the beast or the number of his name. Revelation 13:17 NASB

Clamp Down on Cash Is the Ultimate Surveillance State
The war on cash is more than just a currency war to clamp everyone down on the electric grid. It is also a war on your privacy, and the nail in the coffin for the free market of low level transactions. Soon, restrictions on cash will become so severe that even spending $100 will arouse suspicion, despite the constant inflation on the value of such a denomination. One day, physical currency may become obsolete. When that day comes, they will know everything you do. Conducting transactions in anything but digital creds will be not only increasingly difficult, but seen as outright criminal behavior. It might even make you a terrorist. Although it may seem like a foregone conclusion, cash still accounts for a majority of transactions in many European countries, and still factors in significantly in the U.S., though use of cash is in decline. Many leaders overseas are calling out the moves to kill cash – albeit in slow motion – as nothing more than an attempt to impose a police state where every transaction, every purchase and every activity is monitored and databased.

Swedes predict 'death' of cash in five years
Figures from Sweden's central bank suggest that coins and banknotes could be almost gone from Swedes' wallets in five years, according to a report by Sweden's public radio broadcaster. Last year Sweden introduced a series of new banknotes replacing its old kronor notes. But figures suggest these too could be gone from circulation in half a decade if the development towards a cashless society continues. The Nordic country has already earned a global reputation for its cash-free culture. Cash transactions today represent no more than two percent of the value of all payments made in Sweden, according to the central bank (Riksbanken).

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