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Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Universal Time: The radical plan to destroy time zones

Prophecy Sign:  Changing set times and laws

We were not aware until recently that there is an effort being made to get rid of all global time zones and implement a world wide singular universal time zone.  Among other reasons given for this potential change is to co-ordinate the global economy and banking sectors. 

There is an interesting prophecy from the book of Daniel where we are told that the future Antichrist will also attempt to change set times and laws.  Given that the Antichrist, (along with his 10 new kings/kingdoms - regional economic zones), will establish a New Economic World Order, could it be that he will also attempt to dovetail a universal time zone into this new economic order?  

He will speak against the Most High and oppress his holy people and try to change the set times and the laws. The holy people will be delivered into his hands for a time, times and half a time. Daniel 7:25 NIV

Universal Time: The radical plan to destroy time zones
The plan was strikingly simple. Rather than try to regulate a variety of time zones all around the world, we should instead opt for something far easier: Let's destroy all these time zones and instead stick with one big "Universal Time." Does that sound extreme? Perhaps, but perhaps not. The map below gives you an idea of what the world looks like now, and what it would like if we instead stuck to single system of Universal Time. The logic of Universal Time is strikingly simple: If it's 7 in the morning in Washington D.C., it's 7 everywhere else in the world too. There are no time zones. Wherever you are, the time is the same. 

Universal Time: Radical plan to destroy time zones gathers support
Would the world run more efficiently if wherever you are on the planet, the time was the same? A radical plan to destroy global time zones and create a single “Universal Time” is gathering support. The case for collapsing the often confusing landscape of global time zones is being made by Steve Hanke, an economist with John Hopkins University and senior fellow with the CATO Institute think tank, and his colleague Dick Henry, a professor of physics and astronomy at the Baltimore, Maryland institution. Instead of Russia’s 11 different time zones and the quirky 15-minute time difference Nepal maintains from neighbouring India, our lives would be simplified by conforming to a single, universal date and time.

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