The stunning acceleration of Europe’s migration crisis, in one chart

Prophecy Sign:  Kingdom against Kingdom

With hundreds of thousands, (if not millions), more Muslim migrants ready to flood European borders this year, and with resentment to this migrant invasion building among Europeans, there is great possibility of civil unrest if not outright riots and anarchy on European streets this summer. Clashes of this type can certainly be described as 'kingdom, (ethnos), against kingdom, (ethnos).

When you hear of wars and uprisings, do not be frightened. These things must happen first, but the end will not come right away.” Then he said to them: “Nation will rise against nation, and kingdom against kingdom. Luke 21:9-10 NIV

The stunning acceleration of Europe’s migration crisis, in one chart
Europe is in crisis mode. Inundated by a historic wave of migrants and refugees — some of them implicated in criminal activity — countries across the continent are tightening their borders and imposing policies to limit the flow of new arrivals. Greece’s defense minister on Tuesday called on Turkey to let foreign authorities into its waters to stop migrants, many of whom have died on the dangerous journey through the Mediterranean Sea. New data from the International Organization for Migration reveals the depth of the problem: Sometime next month, it expects Greece, home to roughly 11 million people, to receive its millionth migrant since the start of 2015. Just a few days into February, the 2016 migrant influx already dramatically dwarfs that of early 2015.
Ideas that were touted as answers to the crisis last year have failed or remain stuck in limbo. Continental unity lies in tatters, with countries striking out to forge their own solutions — often involving a razor-wire fence. And even the nations that have been the most welcoming toward refugees say they are desperately close to their breaking point or already well past it. The result, analysts say, is a continent fundamentally unequipped to handle the predictable resurgence of a crisis that is greater than any Europe has faced in its post-Cold War history. “It’s a very dangerous situation,” said Kris Pollet, senior policy officer at the European Council on Refugees and Exiles. “Anything can happen.”

Turkey threatens to open the gates and send refugees to Europe
Turkey is prepared to “open the gates” and allow hundreds of thousands of refugees on its soil into Europe, the country’s president threatened on Thursday, as he denounced the West’s ‘shameful’ contribution to the crisis.

Orban Accuses Germany And Turkey Of Secret Pact To Flood Europe With Another 500,000 Illegals
Addressing a private meeting of government members of parliament yesterday, uncompromising Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban has accused Germany and Turkey of contracting a secret pact to flood Europe with an “unprecedented migrant tide”. According to details of the speech leaked to the Times of Hungary, Mr. Orban claimed to have knowledge of an agreement between Turkey and Germany so shocking the nations involved do “not yet dare to make it public”. Remarking the deal had now been agreed, but was still goinh through a “bargaining phase”, Mr. Orban said when executed — at Turkey’s leisure — it would mean the “direct transportation” of half a million migrants to Germany.


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