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Thursday, February 25, 2016

Attacks on Christians in U.S. double in 3 years

Prophecy Sign:  Increasing Christian Persecution

The world is fine with 'liberal Christianity'.  You know, that type of Christianity that marches to the current political expediency of the day.  That feels all religions are legitimate roads to God, and is more about solving social causes than spreading the gospel message of salvation. Soon as you step out of the mold and begin to take your Christian faith seriously which means following biblical truths, the world will hate you.  And that hatred is growing exponentially as this world of ours becomes more politically correct and secular.

"Then you will be handed over to be persecuted and put to death, and you will be hated by all nations because of me. Matthew 24:9 NIV

Attacks on Christians in U.S. double in 3 years
Hostility toward religion in America has expanded dramatically in recent years, with florists targeted, bakers punished, nuns coerced and even retail companies facing discrimination for their faith, according to a new report from First Liberty Institute. The new report, titled “Undeniable: The Survey of Hostility to Religion in America,” reveals a list that admittedly is not exhaustive but still totals 1,285 cases at the start of this year. “These cases … show a clear expansion during this past year,” the report said. “Quantitatively and qualitatively, the hostility is undeniable. And it is dangerous.” Kelly Shackelford, the chief counsel for First Liberty, explained that “hostility to religion in America is rising like floodwaters.” “This flood is engulfing ordinary citizens who simply try to live normal lives according to their faith and conscience.

Norwegian Gov’t seizes 5 children from parents for alleged ‘Christian indoctrination’
Two days later, child welfare services notified the parents that their children were in the care of two separate foster families and were "integrating" well. One of the officials reportedly said to Ruth, "The kids don't even miss you. What kind of parents are you?" Marius and Ruth were later informed by the government that they were guilty of "Christian radicalism and indoctrination." Apparently, the children's removal was instigated by the school principal, who complained to child welfare services that the Bodnarius were "very Christian" and their belief that God punishes sin "creates a disability in the children." Accordingly, the principal believed the parents needed "guidance" from the government in raising their family. 

Police Raid Home, Seize Children, of Homeschooling Family in Germany

Battle Escalates over Homeschooled Child Seized by Swedish Govt

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