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Friday, January 22, 2016

German Jewish leaders: We are no longer safe here

Prophecy Sign:  Increasing global hatred of the Jews

As we approach the 'time of Jacob's trouble', (the Tribulation), the global hatred for the Jews will only intensify to the point that all nations will abandon Israel.
Among those nations you will find no repose, no resting place for the sole of your foot. There the LORD will give you an anxious mind, eyes weary with longing, and a despairing heart. You will live in constant suspense, filled with dread both night and day, never sure of your life. Deuteronomy 28:65-66 NIV

German Jewish leaders: We are no longer safe here
The spokesman for Hamburg’s Jewish community, Daniel Killy, said deteriorating security in Germany has led to a highly dangerous situation for Jews.  “No, we are no longer safe here,” Killy told the news outlet tagesschau.de on Tuesday. He said the disintegration of state power, excesses of the extreme right-wing, the loss of political credibility, and “the terrible fear of naming Islamism as such” have contributed to an insecure environment for Jews. Hamburg’s Jewish community has nearly 2,500 members. Germany has absorbed over one million refugees from mainly Muslim-majority countries. German Jewish leaders have warned about rising anti-Semitism because the refugees are socialized in countries that are steeped in hatred of Jews and Israel.

Anti-Semitic crimes in Britain up by 61%
There has been a 61 percent increase in anti-Semitic crime in Britain in the last year, according to the statistics released by the Met Police on Thursday and published by the Jewish News Online website. A total of 483 anti-Semitic crimes were committed up until November 2015, increasing from 299 crimes from November 2014. Hotspots included Westminster where there was a 178 percent increase, the London Borough of Hackney where there were 122 crimes, Tower Hamlets which had a 100 percent rise and Lambeth which had a 200 percent increase, according to the Jewish News Online.

British Doctors Move to Ban Israel From World Medical Association
Simply amazing. A country beset with Islamic radicalism and under constant threat of terrorist attack is still more concerned with ostracizing Israel. British doctors are now seeking to ban Israel -- which has contributed more to mankind in terms of medical technology and innovation than countries five times its size -- from the World Medical Association (WMA). The reason for such an absurd, anti-Semitic decision? Apparently some British doctors are actually entertaining claims that Israelis perform medical torture on Palestinian patients. Clearly they forgot that the real victims of such torture were Jews who survived medical experimentation at the hands of Nazis during the Holocaust. 

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