Is Russia gearing up for war with Turkey?

Prophecy Sign:  Wars and Rumors of War, Matthew 24

Russia and Turkey are still not ready to shake hands and let bygones by bygones.  In fact the sabres continue to rattle as the two nations stare down each other.

Is Russia gearing up for war with Turkey?
After the downing of its jet by Turkey Moscow also rushed its latest S-400 air defense system to the Hmeimim base in Syria. That system has a range and capacity that far outstrips the weaponry on board the Moskva, meaning the ship may not have much strategic necessity. But by dispatching a key warship like the Moskva - with its crew of some 500 - the Kremlin seems to be making a clear statement of strength. During the press tour for some few dozen journalists from Russia, Syria and international outlets - the first of its kind to a ship involved in the Syria operation - the military proudly showed off the bristling array of hardware on board.

Putin Threatens Turkish Jets in Syria as Spat Escalates
Vladimir Putin escalated his confrontation with Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan over the downing of a Russian bomber, saying relations are beyond repair while declaring Syria a no-fly zone for Turkish military aircraft. Turkey used to violate Syrian airspace all the time,” Putin told reporters Thursday. “Let them try and fly there now” that Russia’s most advanced air-defense system is covering the whole country, he said. Russia is taking part in international talks Friday on how to end Syria’s more than four-year civil war.

Turkey Detains 27 Russian Ships in Retaliation for Russia’s Detaining 8 Turkish Vessels
Turkey has tightened its inspections of Russian ships docked in its harbors in the Mediterranean and the Black Sea, and has so far detained 27 Russian ships which failed to meet sailing criteria. This move is in retaliation for the Russian authorities detaining Eight Turkish ships in Russian ports, denying them permission to travel since Nov. 24, the day when Turkey downed a Russian military jet. The Turks said the Russian ships were too old to sail.


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