If You Could Design Your Baby’s Genes, Would You?

Prophecy Sign:  Increased knowledge - Technology for the 'Mark of the Beast"

We have been genetically modifying our food for a while now.  Next up is genetically modifying human beings. This may well be the technology of the future 'Mark of the Beast' which we believe will change mankind from a pure creation of God to something that is no longer redeemable, (much along the same lines as the Nephilim of old).  Interesting that the Church of England may be on board with this genetic modification.  It is entirely likely that during the coming Tribulation, the global false religious system, headed by the False Prophet, will be behind the push for people to accept the Antichrists 'mark', (genetic modification to a human/demonic hybrid?)

If You Could Design Your Baby’s Genes, Would You?
The technology is called CRISPR. It is a modest acronym for an enormously powerful new molecular tool that, depending how it is used, could change the future of the human race. Using this we can now edit—that is, alter—the genes in any organism, including human beings, with unprecedented speed, efficiency and precision. Deployed in people, it affords the living the promise of amelioration or cure of diseases in which genes are causal or complicit. The new technology also enables us to engineer new kinds of people—implanting in persons yet unborn genes that will improve them beyond their unedited genetic destinies and be passed to future generations. Thus, the human race today stands at a threshold unlike any in the past: It now possesses tools to reshape its own hereditary capacities, perhaps even to realize the dream of eugenicists that human beings might take charge of their own evolution. 

GM embryos: What do Christians think?
The Church of England is in hot water with some evangelicals after it hinted it may support the genetic modification of human embryos. In a blog published yesterday, the CofE’s national advisor on medical ethics, Dr Brendan McCarthy, urged “all aspects of this topic” be rigorously investigated and debated before opinions are formed. However CARE have already made up their mind. “In our view, endorsing genetically modified embryos is a mistake,” said spokesman James Mildred. “We would encourage the church to think very hard indeed before giving its blessing to the modification of human genes.”


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