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Saturday, December 5, 2015

Alarm Bells Go Off As 11 Critical Indicators Scream The Global Economic Crisis Is Getting Deeper

Prophecy Sign:  The coming global economic collapse, (and reset to a New Economic World Order - Revelation 13)

Governments around the world have been propping up their collective economies with boatloads of fiat money created out of thin air from billions in new debt.  This is no different that a family attempting to maintain its standard of living by maxing out the credit cards and personal lines of credit.  Eventually it all comes to a head and the fun and games end abruptly in bankruptcy.  

While governments don't declare bankruptcy, they do eventually run out of money to meet their debt payments, (eg Greece and Puerto Rico), and are at the mercy of organizations such as the IMF to keep afloat.  This is the fate that awaits the world as we rush headlong towards a global economic collapse. From the ashes of this collapse will arise the building blocks for a new economic world order which will eventually be controlled by the future Antichrist and a cadre of 10 new kings, (Daniel 7, Revelation 17).

They will throw their silver into the streets, and their gold will be treated as a thing unclean. Their silver and gold will not be able to deliver them in the day of the LORD's wrath. It will not satisfy their hunger or fill their stomachs, for it has caused them to stumble into sin. Ezekiel 7:19 NIV

Alarm Bells Go Off As 11 Critical Indicators Scream The Global Economic Crisis Is Getting Deeper
Economic activity is slowing down all over the planet, and a whole host of signs are indicating that we are essentially exactly where we were just prior to the great stock market crash of 2008.  Yesterday, I explained that the economies of Japan, Brazil, Canada and Russia are all in recession.  Today, I am mainly going to focus on the United States.  We are seeing so many things happen right now that we have not seen since 2008 and 2009.  In so many ways, it is almost as if we are watching an eerie replay of what happened the last time around, and yet most of the “experts” still appear to be oblivious to what is going on.  If you were to make up a checklist of all of the things that you would expect to see just before a major stock market crash, virtually all of them are happening right now. 

27 Major Global Stocks Markets That Have Already Crashed By Double Digit Percentages In 2015
Anyone that tries to tell you that a global financial crisis is not happening is not being honest with you.  Right now, there are 27 major global stock markets that have declined by double digit percentages from their peaks earlier this year.  And this is truly a global phenomenon – we have seen stock market crashes in Asia, Europe, South America, Africa and the Middle East But because U.S. stocks are only down less than a thousand points from the peak earlier this year, most Americans seem to think that everything is just fine. The truth, of course, is that everything is not fine.  We are witnessing a pattern similar to what we saw back in 2008.  Back then, Chinese stocks and other major stock markets started crashing first, and then U.S. stocks followed later.

The world economic order is collapsing and this time there seems no way out
Yet there is a parallel collapse in the economic order that is less conspicuous: the hundreds of billions of dollars fleeing emerging economies, from Brazil to China, don’t come with images of women and children on capsizing boats. Nor do banks that have lent trillions that will never be repaid post gruesome videos. However, this collapse threatens our liberal universe as much as certain responses to the refugees. Capital flight and bank fragility are profound dysfunctions in the way the global economy is now organised that will surface as real-world economic dislocation. The IMF is profoundly concerned, warning at last week’s annual meeting in Peru of $3tn (£1.95tn) of excess credit globally and weakening global economic growth. But while it knows there needs to be an international co-ordinated response, no progress is likely.

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