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Saturday, September 26, 2015

Apocalypse looming? Antibiotic resistant diseases will cause social breakdown, say scientists

Prophecy Sign:  Pestilence, plagues & disease

When things really turn ugly during the dark days of the coming Tribulation, it can be expected that many millions of people will perish from a variety of diseases and pandemics that will sweep the globe. A breakdown in societal order and the lack of effective antibiotics will hasten these future pandemics.

There will be great earthquakes, famines and pestilences in various places, and fearful events and great signs from heaven. Luke 21:11 NIV

Apocalypse looming? Antibiotic resistant diseases will cause social breakdown, say scientists
The impending failure of antibiotics to treat life-threatening diseases could cause a social and economic “apocalypse” in Britain and throughout the first world, scientists warn. Medical experts predict many dangerous diseases will become completely resistant to antibiotics in the near future, causing social unrest on an unprecedented level. The crisis could result in people barricading themselves into enclaves as the health system collapses under the strain of chronic diseases, scientist Adam Roberts told the British Science Festival last week. The senior lecturer in microbial disease at University College London warned the failure of antibiotics could result in wars and civil unrest and people fight over medical treatments. A briefing paper prepared for the government and Wellcome Trust warns that huge advances against diseases made possible since the discovery of penicillin could be temporary.

CDC Issues Warning: Doctors on Alert for Bubonic Plague: “There is a Heightened Risk… We Don’t Want People To Panic”
Since April 2015, eleven cases of plague have been recorded in the U.S., and three people have died leaving the CDC no other recourse but to issue a warning to alert doctors of potential cases that may arise. “It is unclear why the number of cases in 2015 is higher than usual,” the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention says. Many of the cases are occurring in rural and semi-rural areas in the western United States

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