A monster is coming! Forecasters warn El Nino is getting stronger and could cause 'mayhem'

Prophecy Sign:  Anomalous weather patterns

Drought in one region of the world, and torrential rains in another.  Areas of the globe are burning up from heat, and others are literally burning up from forest fires.  Is this business as usual, or the signs of an approaching period of unparalleled weather anomalies that has been prophesied as the roaring and tossing of the waves, (Luke 21:25)?

I also withheld rain from you when the harvest was still three months away. I sent rain on one town, but withheld it from another. One field had rain; another had none and dried up. Amos 4:7 NIV

A monster is coming! Forecasters warn El Nino is getting stronger and could cause 'mayhem'
Exceptionally warm water moving from the western Pacific Ocean towards South America has caused El Niño to get even stronger in recent weeks. In fact, scientists claim conditions in the Pacific are now as intense as they were in the summer of 1997, when a massive El Niño was brewing. While this could be good news for drought-stricken areas such as California, researchers warn it may also lead to torrential and hazardous downpours elsewhere. El Nino events tend to warm the Earth's atmosphere by supressing the upwelling of cold water from the ocean that can absorb excess heat. But as well as bringing relief, El Niño can have devastating consequences for agriculture.It can trigger heavy rains and floods in South America and scorching weather in Asia and as far away as east Africa

Panama declares drought emergency
Panama's government has declared a state of emergency as it faces a drought that has prompted water restrictions, depleted reservoirs and affected shipping through its bustling canal. The government blamed the El Nino weather phenomenon for the major drought. The state of emergency declared Tuesday also sets up a government board tasked with rushing to deliver a water security plan in under four months. "El Nino" refers to the abnormal warming of surface waters in the tropical sections of the Pacific Ocean every three to five years that can have wide-ranging impacts on regional climate.

Typhoon threatens China after 10 dead or missing in Taiwan


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