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Blog Suspended for the summer

Well no bites on the Help Wanted call, so after some thought I've decided to suspend all activity on this blog for the summer.  I need a rest from even thinking about the blog and the daily searching through the couple dozen regular news web-sites that we visit each and every day.
Hopefully in the fall after a good long rest, I will feel rejuvenated enough to once again blog the news of the day as it relates to prophecy.  In the meantime there are a great many other websites out there doing essentially the same as we are, (some of the links are on our links sidebar).    
So have a great and safe summer.  Keep making a difference out there for the Kingdom of God, and keep looking up, because Jesus is coming back, (you can count on it).
Duane & Shelley

Help Needed


As any of our long time visitors and readers may have noticed, this SignPosts of the Times Blog site is not nearly updated on a regular basis as it use to be.  There are a variety of reasons for this which include being busier on the home and work front, and just plain weariness of being up on the Wall as a Watchman scanning the prophetic signs each and every day.  It can, (and has), become more of a chore than a calling or charge.

That's where somebody out there can come to the rescue and bring life back into this website which was designed to be a place to help explain bible prophecy as it relates to the current events occurring all around us.

If there is anybody out there that would like to be part of this work, and you believe you have a very similar belief system as we do here at SignPosts, then why not drop us a line and let us know of your interest.  You may have some great ideas that would improve and add to what is already being done on this site.  Again we would l…

News Headlines - May 5'15

Prophecy Sign:  The armies of the Antichrist, Daniel 11:40-42
Germany pushes again for European army
Germany is again pressing for a European army to protect the continent at a time of rising international tensions. Defence minister Ursula von der Leyen last week spelled out her wishes for a continental force capable of swift reaction anywhere in the world.  Her comments came just two months after European Commission President Jean-Claude Juncker expressed his wish for an army commanded by Brussels, saying it “would help us to build a common foreign and security policy, as well as jointly assume the responsibilities of Europe in the world”. Mrs von der Leyen, talking to her Dutch counterpart in The Hague, said international crises such as the Ebola outbreak and the swift advances by Islamic militant group Islamic State could have been countered better by a well-trained European army.…