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Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Pope’s jubilee plans raise fears of terror threat

Prophecy Sign:  Perilous Times, (Terror and frightening events)

There are Catholic prophecies that warn that the Vatican will be destroyed in the last days at the time of the last Pope.  There are also biblical prophecies, (Revelation 18), which warns that a great city, sounding a whole lot like a description of Rome, will suffer destruction.  Not that a bunch of Islamic militants are the fulfillment of those prophecies, but it does give us an idea just how things might transpire in the future.

Pope’s jubilee plans raise fears of terror threat
The pope’s surprise announcement of a massive holy festival in December has forced Italian officals to re-evaluate recent threats by jihadist Islamic State militants to attack the Vatican, the Italian press reported over the weekend. Pope Francis took Italian officials by surprise Friday when he announced an Extraordinary Jubilee Year beginning Dec. 8, which could draw millions of Catholics to the Italian capital. The highly popular pontiff said the holy festival’s theme would be mercy, a cornerstone of his own papacy.
Islamic State militants have singled out the Vatican, showing images online of the terrorist group’s black flag flying over St. Peter’s Basilica, the seat of Roman Catholicism. Fears that jihadist militants could enter Italy on one of the many migrant vessels that come into Italian waters from the Middle East is an opinion heard among Italians. Pope Francis’s announcement could cause a security nightmare for Italian authorities.

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