We are living in exciting times. The Signposts point to Jesus soon return.

Wednesday, April 22, 2015

News Headlines - April 22'15

Prophesy Sign:  The coming Middle-East War(s) - Iran, (Persia)

Declassified: Iran 'At Most' 2-3 Months from Bomb

Prophecy Sign:  Increasing depravity, (Matthew 24:12)

Princeton prof: Kill severely disabled infants under Obamacare

AG Nominee Defending Partial-Birth Abortion: 'The Phrase "Living Fetus"' is 'Hopelessly Vague'

Animal-sex tourism crackdown: Denmark bans bestiality

Prophecy Sign:  Increasing friction and building of alliances in the Middle-East - Ezekiel 38/39

Russia Wants to 'Redesign' the Middle East

Chaos in Middle East could last for ‘at least a decade,’ expert tells ‘Post’

Prophecy Sign:  Efforts towards Middle-East peace, (the seven year treaty - Daniel 9:27)

Britain, France urge UN action on Middle East

Scottish parliament discusses recognition of Palestinian state

Is The U.S. Food Supply Cursed?

Prophesy Sign:  Increasing Christian persecution and Marginalization

Crackdown on Christians triggers exodus from military

Prophecy Sign:  Increasing knowledge, (Daniel 12:4)

Can androids pray for digital salvation?

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