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Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Israel Should 'Seriously Consider' Striking Iran, Expert Says

Prophecy Sign:  The coming prophetic Middle-East war(s)

The more we read about this so-called deal between the P5+1 and Iran, the more we know that the Iranians took Obama and crew to the proverbial cleaners and left them naked in the back alley.  The Israelis know this as well and are considering their options.  Some Israelis are calling for a military strike, and who should blame them?  Turns outs even Obama admits that the Iranians are free to ramp up their nuclear program to a near zero breakout time in just 13 years time.  Interesting note, the framework deal came together on a particular date of huge importance in Jewish history, (see article below).  Of course launching a preemptive strike will likely set off World War 3, (Gog/Magog/Psalm 83), in the Middle-East as every enemy of Israel line up at her border in anticipation of another fight.

Israel Should 'Seriously Consider' Striking Iran, Expert Says
Israel should "seriously consider" a military strike on Iran's nuclear facilities in the aftermath of the "framework deal" announced between Tehran and western powers Thursday, a leader defense and security expert said. Speaking to Arutz Sheva Friday, Professor Efraim Inbar, who heads the Begin-Sadat Center for Strategic Studies, said the deal had realized Israel's worst fears by leaving Iran's nuclear program essentially intact. The Islamic Republic's nuclear program has been granted "legitimacy" by the agreement, which still allowed it to continue enriching uranium and to maintain a reactor capable of producing enriched plutonium, he said. "And that's what worries Israel, that they (Iran) will be able within a short time frame to reach a nuclear bomb."

IDF General: 'Dramatic Steps' Possible on Iran

Obama admits: Deal will give Iran ‘near zero’ breakout time in 13 years
Defending an emerging nuclear deal, President Barack Obama said Iran would be kept a year away from obtaining a nuclear weapon for more than a decade, but conceded Tuesday that the buffer period could shrink to almost nothing after 13 or more years. Obama, whose top priority at the moment is to sell the framework deal to critics, was pushing back on the charge that the deal fails to eliminate the risk because it allows Iran to keep enriching uranium. He told NPR News that Iran will be capped for a decade at 300 kilograms — not enough to convert to a stockpile of weapons-grade material. “What is a more relevant fear would be that in Year 13, 14, 15, they have advanced centrifuges that enrich uranium fairly rapidly, and at that point, the breakout times would have shrunk almost down to zero,” Obama said. 

Iran’s Revolutionary Guards said ‘preparing for war’ in case deal collapses

 'Egypt is Preparing for War with Israel'

Obama's Iran deal falls on ominous Bible date
When President Obama announced a “framework” nuclear agreement with Iran – which Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu warns threatens the very existence of his nation – few noticed the significance of the date. On the Jewish calendar this year, April 1 coincided with Nisan 13, the date in history when a Persian king signed an agreement calling for the destruction of the Jews. “King Obama has issued his decree putting the Jewish nation at risk of annihilation on the very same day that King Ahasuerus’ scribes came together and issued their statement to the rulers of every people of every province according to the writing thereof, and to every people after their language and sent letters by posts into all the king’s provinces, to destroy, to kill, and to cause to perish, all Jews, both young and old, little children and women, in one day.”

The diplomatic track to war - Caroline Glick

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