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Wednesday, March 25, 2015

North Korea 'Prepared' To Fire Nuclear Missile

Prophecy Sign:  Rumors of Wars

North Korea may or may not have the capacity to launch nuclear weapons as they say they have. (The North Koreans may be just playing to a captive audience back home in the North).  What is disconcerting is that the United States defenses against a long range ballistic nuclear attack simply aren't there.  Whether an attack came from  North Korea, (not likely), or Russia, (very likely), there would nothing the American could do to stop the incoming attack.

"When you hear of wars and rumors of wars, do not be frightened; those things must take place; but that is not yet the end. Mark 13:7 NASB

North Korea 'Prepared' To Fire Nuclear Missile
North Korea is ready to launch a nuclear war if it feels threatened, the country's ambassador to the UK has told Sky News. In a rare interview, the senior official told us North Korea has nuclear weapons and is ready to use them.
"We are prepared," he said. "That is why I say if a sparkle of a fire is made on the Korean peninsula, it will lead to a nuclear war. "We don't say empty words. We mean what we mean. It is not the United States that has a monopoly on nuclear weapons strikes." "So can I just be clear: you are telling me that the North Korea has the ability now to fire a nuclear missile?" I clarified. "Any time, any time, yes."

North Korean envoy says his country has nuclear missiles

The U.S. Has No Defense Against A Russian Nuclear Attack. Really.
Just this week, Putin stated in a documentary commemorating Moscow’s annexation of Crimea that he had considered putting the nuclear arsenal on alert to dissuade the West from pushing back, observing that he was ready for “the worst possible turn of events.”  It isn’t so clear what a heightened state of alert would mean, since Russian military officials insist that even in peacetime, most of the country’s missiles are ready to launch within minutes.
But this commentary isn’t about Russian military intentions. It is about the utter absence of U.S. active defenses for repulsing the sole man-made threat capable of wiping out American civilization for the foreseeable future.  Imagine every person you know dead, injured, or lacking shelter and sustenance.  Not at some dim point in the future, but by this time tomorrow.  Russia has that power, because America has no defenses against long-range ballistic missiles.

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