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Thursday, March 12, 2015

News headlines - March 12'15

Well the warp drive is nearly back on line - (in other words we are feeling a good deal better).  Thank you so much for your prayers.

The following list is just some of the more interesting headlines related to future bible prophecy that we have seen over the last couple days.  Sorry for the lack of additional commentary and fleshing out of these news stories as we normally do, but we are sure you will see the significance of the material as you peruse through the items.

Prophecy Sign:  Geopolitical events that will lead to the future seven year Covenant of Peace, (Daniel 9:27)

Benjamin Netanyahu facing election defeat amid Left-wing surge
Benjamin Netanyahu's re-election prospects were looking increasingly grim on Wednesday amid fresh polls showing a strong lead for a buoyant Left-wing opposition and signs of panic in the Israeli prime minister's own campaign. Less than a week before a general election on March 17, the Zionist Union - an alliance of Isaac Herzog's Labour party and Hatnua, led by Tzipi Livni, a former foreign minister - had a lead of three to four seats over Mr Netanyahu's Likud party, according to two separate surveys.

Netanyahu says sees 'real danger' of losing re-election bid

Netanyahu: There is a worldwide effort to topple Likud rule

Hamas rejects 5-year Israeli truce in exchange for end to Gaza blockade
  (our comment:  Maybe they would like a 7 year deal instead??)

Prophecy Sign:  The future rebuilt Jewish Temple, (2 Thessalonians 2:4)

Altar of Jewish Holy Temple Rebuilt
The Temple Institute in Jerusalem has announced that it has finished building an altar suitable for the Temple service. The altar, which took several years to build, can be operational at little more than a moment’s notice, reported Matzav Haruach magazine. The Temple Institute is committed to preparing all the necessary clothing and tools for the rebuilt Holy Temple in Jerusalem. In addition, the institute operates an educational center for visitors and a preparatory training program for members of the priestly family who wish to be ready to serve as soon as the Temple is rebuilt. The altar is a central component to the Biblical sacrificial service. In fact, there were separate altars for the incense and for other sacrifices.

Prophecy Sign:  Christian Persecution, (Revelation 2:10)

Franklin Graham Warns Christians in America 'Persecution Is Coming'
The Rev. Franklin Graham gave an ominous warning to Christians living in the United States Sunday, as he expounded on how religious freedoms are being eroded stateside while believers are being persecuted throughout the world.

"I believe we're going to see persecution in this country," Graham said during an interview on "Fox and Friends Weekend" on Sunday. "We've already seen many laws that have been passed that restrict our freedom as Christians. I believe it's going to get worse, and we see no question gaining influence in Washington by those that represent the Islamic faith. We do have a problem in this country and we are losing our religious freedom and we're losing it a little bit day by day."

Record Religious Genocide: 'ISIS as Toxic as Nazis'

Protection of Christians in the Middle East must become an international priority

Prophecy Sign:  Increasing Apostasy in the Last Days Church, (2 Timothy 4:3)

The New Christian Left Is Twisting the Gospel: Here's How
Peek behind the curtain of some "progressive" or "hip" evangelical churches, past the savvy technology and secular music, and you will find more than just a contemporary worship service. You'll find faith leaders encouraging young evangelicals to trade in their Christian convictions for a gospel filled with compromise. They're slowly attempting to give evangelicalism an "update"—and the change is not for the good.

Is the Church Compromising the Gospel in the Name of Impacting Culture?

Presbyterian Church (USA): 7 Votes Away From Redefining Marriage to Include Gay Couples

Can Pope Francis prevent a holy war?
The pope has advantages in this area that the president does not. Huckabee was pandering to those who have always considered Obama a Muslim, but even crazy people do not claim that Francis was born in Kenya. And Francis, as a religious leader, is better able to draw spiritual conclusions about Islam. He can unite all believers in the One God — something other popes could not or would not do. When Pope Benedict XVI tried at the University of Regensburg in 2006 to open a dialogue with Muslims, he did it so clumsily that riots and killings resulted. He lacked the experience and personal ties that Francis has developed with Muslims.

King Abdullah II tells European Parliament religious coexistence combats extremism

EU commission chief makes case for European army
European Commission president Jean-Claude Juncker has said the EU should establish its own army to show Russia it is serious about defending European values. In an interview with Die Welt am Sonntag, Juncker said "Europe has lost a huge amount of respect. In foreign policy too, we don't seem to be taken entirely seriously." An army would allow the EU to react in a "credible manner" to threats to peace in a member state or in a neighbouring country, he noted. "You would not create a European army to use it immediately," said Juncker, who was previously prime minister of Luxembourg. "But a common European army would send a clear message to Russia that we are serious about defending European values."

NATO not amused by EU plan to create separate army

Prophecy Sign:  The coming Global Economic Reset, (implementation of the new economy of the Antichrist - Ezekiel 7, James 5, Revelation 18)

The Last, Great Run For The U.S. Dollar, The Death Of The Euro And 74 Trillion In Currency Derivatives At Risk
Are we on the verge of an unprecedented global currency crisis?  On Tuesday, the euro briefly fell below $1.07 for the first time in almost a dozen years.  And the U.S. dollar continues to surge against almost every other major global currency.  The U.S. dollar index has now risen an astounding 23 percent in just the last eight months.  That is the fastest pace that the U.S. dollar has risen since 1981.  You might be tempted to think that a stronger U.S. dollar is good news, but it isn’t.  A strong U.S. dollar hurts U.S. exports, thus harming our economy.  In addition, a weak U.S. dollar has fueled tremendous expansion in emerging markets around the planet over the past decade or so.  When the dollar becomes a lot stronger, it becomes much more difficult for those countries to borrow more money and repay old debts.  In other words, the emerging market “boom” is about to become a bust. 

Economist Tells Congress: U.S. May Be in ‘Worse Fiscal Shape’ Than Greece

Prophecy Sign:  The exponential growth in knowledge - Leading to the "Beast-Tech" system and mark of the Antichrist,  (Revelation 13)

A New Way To Be Human: The Plan Is To Replace Existing Humans With ‘Transhuman’ Hybrids
Transhumanists believe that the time has come for humans to take control of their own evolution.  Many of them are fully convinced that we can use emerging technologies to “fix” the flaws in the human race and ultimately eradicate sickness, disease, poverty and war.  So would you like to have the eyesight of an eagle?  Would you like to download an entire library of information directly into your brain in just minutes?  Would you like to rid your family line of all genetic diseases?  Would you like to extend your lifespan to 500 years or even longer?  Transhumanists promise that all of these things will soon be possible, if we are willing to embrace a new way of doing things.  They foresee a future in which we will all have lots of little nanobots running around inside of us, in which we are all connected directly to the Internet, and in which we have all been genetically modified to at least some degree.  In fact, one prominent transhumanist recently stated that he believes that “eventually every human will be designed on a computer“.  In the end, the goal is to produce a vastly improved version of the human race which will usher in a golden new age for the planet.  But as we merge ourselves with animals, machines and weird new technologies that scientists cook up, at what point do we cease to be human?

Engineering the Perfect Baby

An Atheist's Perspective on the Rise of Christian Transhumanism

10 emerging technologies that could change the world in 2015

Prophecy Sign:  The future global surveillance/police state grid of the Antichrist, (Revelation 13)

Mass spying on UK citizens ‘essential,’ say MPs in landmark report
A Parliamentary report examining the mass collection of private communications by UK security agencies has defended the practice as “essential.” The Intelligence and Security Committee (ISC) report, published on Thursday, said only a “tiny” proportion of data collected was ever seen by human eyes. Intelligence agencies “do not seek to circumvent the law” and must seek the “specific authorization” of a cabinet minister before spying on individuals in the UK, the ISC said. However, the committee also said the current legal framework surrounding surveillance “lacks transparency” and is “unnecessarily complicated.” The ISC called for a single law to be introduced to regulate UK security services and their bulk collection of private communications.

How DNA Is Turning Us Into a Nation of Suspects

Prophecy Sign:  Rumors of War, (Matthew 24:6)

Nuclear Treaty with Russia May Be Breaking Down
A high-level Russian official on Wednesday asserted again that the Kremlin has the right to move nuclear weapons into the disputed Crimean peninsula, which Russian troops invaded last year — and suggested that a key nuclear arms control agreement between the U.S. and Russia is in danger of breaking down. On the question of sending nuclear weapons into Crimea, Russia’s Interfax news agency quoted Mikhail Ulyanov as saying, “I don't know if there are nuclear weapons there now. I don't know about any plans, but in principle Russia can do it.” It’s a position that other Russian officials have articulated in the past. Ulyanov’s boss, Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov, made similar comments in December.

Russia says has right to deploy nuclear weapons in Crimea: report

Russia Launches Simultaneous Military Drills in West, South, Far East

Russia Conducts Military Drills In Crimea, Ukraine's Forces Train Near Border Amid Ceasefire Deal

Prophecy Sign:  Increasing in Earthquakes and Volcanic activity in the Last Days, (Mark 13:8)

California nearly guaranteed to get major earthquake in next 30 years
The probability California will experience a magnitude 8 or larger earthquake in the next couple of decades has increased, according to the U.S. Geological Survey. CBS San Francisco reported the Third Uniform California Rupture Forecast, orUCERF3, sheds new light on where earthquakes will likely hit in California over the next couple of decades and how big they're expected to be. "The new likelihoods are due to the inclusion of possible multi-fault ruptures, where earthquakes are no longer confined to separate, individual faults, but can occasionally rupture multiple faults simultaneously," said lead author and USGS scientist Ned Field. "This is a significant advancement in terms of representing a broader range of earthquakes throughout California's complex fault system."

Report: Chance of mega-quake hitting California increases

'Reawakened' faults could trigger big Okla. earthquakes

Prophecy Sign:  As it was in the the Days of Lot - Perversion of all sorts in the Last Days, (Romans 1:28-29)

Gay Man has a surrogate baby with his mother
A mother has helped her 24-year-old son become a father by carrying his child as a surrogate. In the procedure, the first of its kind, Anne-Marie Casson, 46, became pregnant using a donor egg fertilised by her son Kyle's sperm. Kyle, gay and single, had wanted to be a father "for some considerable time". After surrogacy clinics across the country turned him away, and a female relative who had volunteered to be the carrier developed medical difficulties, Mrs Casson and her husband, Alan, decided she should step in and be the surrogate mother. A family court judge ruled the situation was "entirely lawful" and Kyle has been allowed to adopt the baby - his son but also, legally, his brother.

Three Men Get Married in World's First 3-Way Gay Wedding in Thailand

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