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Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Leading Evangelism Movement Slams Christian Zionism

Prophecy Sign: Hatred of the biblical teaching of the last days and the promises to Israel

Try being a bible believing Christian who believes in the teaching of the Rapture of the Church and that God still has promises to fulfill for the Jewish people and nation of Israel, and watch all the hate come flinging your way..........most of it from those who fill the pews of your local evangelical church.

And saying, Where is the promise of his coming? for since the fathers fell asleep, all things continue asthey were from the beginning of the creation. 2 Peter 3:4 KJV

We remain firm in our belief of the coming Pre-Tribulation Rapture for the followers of Jesus and we still believe that God has designs for his chosen nation, Israel, (video below).  Anybody with a problem with that can take it up with God and his Holy word.

Leading Evangelism Movement Slams Christian Zionism
The Lausanne Movement, the world’s leading Christian evangelism movement, has once again taken aim at what it believes to be the sinful practice of Christian support for the State of Israel, or Christian Zionism. “For over 60 years, many evangelicals have clung to a very narrow theological narrative that weds Christian theology with a political ideology known as Zionism,” writes Steve Haas, vice president of World Vision US, in the latest issue of Lausanne Global Analysis. He went on to compare Christian Zionism to the Spanish Inquisition, the Crusades, Apartheid South Africa and other large-scale atrocities to which Christians were party. Lausanne as a movement has what some would describe as an unhealthy negative obsession with Israel in recent years, having apparently fully swallowed the allegations that the Jewish state is the chief oppressor of Christians and other people in the Middle East.

Divine Sign for Israel? Hagee Explains Blood Moons
The Book of Genesis says God uses the sun, moon, and stars for signs and seasons. Examples can be found throughout the Bible. Think of how a star led the wise men to Jesus or how the sun stood still as Joshua led Israel to victory over its enemies. According to Pastor John Hagee, God is getting ready to speak this way once again. "There's a sense in the world that things are changing and God is trying to communicate with us in a supernatural way," Hagee told CBN News. "I believe that in these next two years, we're going to see something dramatic happen in the Middle East involving Israel that will change the course of history in the Middle East and impact the whole world," he predicted. 

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