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Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Apocalyptic beliefs may explain why Francis is a pope in a hurry

Prophecy Sign:  The destruction of  the city of 'Babylon' during the Tribulation

So bless his heart, the Pope might be trying to forestall the coming of Armageddon by getting us all the clean up the climate, give up on capitalism and accept socialism, accept income redistribution, (read...more taxes), and accept Islam, and every other religion, as acceptable paths to God.  If we do all that, then maybe God will spare us all.  Or perhaps the opposite will happen and it will drive the world to Armageddon and the judgement to come.

Seems some Catholics are worried that Rome might not last forever, and the Pope may have to scramble off to another safe zone.  Did you know the current Pope sits as number 112, (the last one), on a long list of Popes that make up a centuries old prophecy of the Popes?  And the prophecy of that last Pope seems to spell doom for Rome and the Vatican?

There is also a biblical prophecy of last Days Babylon which may or may not be about Rome as well. We have seen everything from Mecca to New York, from ancient Babylon to Rome cast as Babylon of Revelation prophecy.  We've no idea which present day city on earth will be that city which is ultimately destroyed.  But it could well be Rome.

“When the kings of the earth who committed adultery with her and shared her luxury see the smoke of her burning, they will weep and mourn over her.  Terrified at her torment, they will stand far off and cry: “‘Woe! Woe to you, great city, you mighty city of Babylon! In one hour your doom has come!’ Revelation 18:9-10 NIV

Prophecy of the Last Pope:
Peter the Roman, who will pasture his sheep in many tribulations, and when these things are finished, the city of seven hills [i.e. Rome] will be destroyed, and the dreadful judge will judge his people. The End.

Apocalyptic beliefs may explain why Francis is a pope in a hurry
As he has before, Francis went out of his way to invoke an apocalyptic 1907 novel by an English convert from Anglicanism called “Lord of the World.” The novel lays out a dystopic vision of a final conflict between secular humanism and Catholicism, with the showdown taking place on the fields of Armageddon.
Some find the novel prescient, others a little ‘out there.’ For analytical purposes, the important thing is its keen sense that the world is reaching a turning point and there’s not much time left to set things right. That’s not to say Francis believes doomsday is around the corner. However, his fondness for the novel seems to track with his belief that humanity is making some definitive choices today, from the economy to the environment, and that if we get those choices wrong, the consequences may be far worse than we realize.

Will a Future Pope Be Forced to Flee Rome?
If Rome ever falls to Islam, the pope—whoever he may be at that time—may choose to remain in Rome and suffer the almost certain martyrdom that would follow. That is up to him and the Holy Spirit. However, in light of the escalating Islamization of Europe, it would seem prudent for Vatican officials to draw up some contingency plans. If the pope chooses exile, it would probably have to be in North or South American since it’s unlikely there will be any safe havens in Europe. In fact, Italy is currently a safer place than many other European nations. Although many Muslim immigrants pass through Italy, it is not their first choice of residence. Other European countries offer much more generous welfare incentives than does Italy. Countries such as England, Belgium, France, Sweden, and Germany are likely to fall first.
By “fall,” I don’t mean that these countries will fall to Muslim armies. That probably won’t be necessary. What we will see—what we are already witnessing—is a slow, steady process of submission. Well, slow and steady up to a point—and then, a rapid acceleration.

FEAR GRIPS VATICAN: 'Islamic State is clear. They want to kill the Pope'
The Vatican is under heightened concern that a terrorist attack may be imminent. Iraq's ambassador to the Holy See, Habib Al Sadr, at the time warned that "what has been declared by the self-declared Islamic State is clear. They want to kill the Pope. The threats against the Pope are credible."

Pope sees 'shadows and dangers' amid Vatican attack fears

'We will cut off your head in the White House': ISIS threatens to behead Obama and turn the U.S. into a 'Muslim province' in new execution video 

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