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Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Russian Bear Back: Is NATO Ready?

Prophecy Sign:  The rise of the Land of Magog, (Russia)

Well congratulation Western Nations;  You may have just backed a very angry bear into a corner and left him no room to maneuver.  His only response may now be to viciously lash out in attack. Of course we are talking about Russian President, Vladimir Putin and the collapsing Russian economy which has been precipitated by Western sanctions and the deliberate move to sink oil prices.  If your were looking for a war, you may have just found one, and unleashed Gog on an unsuspecting world.

The word of the Lord came to me:  “Son of man, set your face against Gog, of the land of Magog, the chief prince of Meshek and Tubal; prophesy against him  and say: ‘This is what the Sovereign Lord says: I am against you, Gog, chief prince of Meshek and Tubal.  Ezekiel 38:1-3 NIV

Russian Bear Back: Is NATO Ready?
A famous 1984 Ronald Reagan presidential campaign commercial warned voters that "there is a bear in the woods." It was a reminder that the Soviet Union was a dangerous adversary and that America needed a strong military to oppose the Russian "bear." In 2014, there is a bear in the woods again. But this time, NATO and Western Europe seem unprepared. After the fall of the Soviet Union, Western Europe began to disarm. Now, it's scrambling to rearm. When a suspected Russian sub was found lurking in Swedish waters in October, Sweden, a NATO "partner," was unable to find it, perhaps because it scrapped its anti-submarine helicopters. One article claims Sweden's military is the weakest it's been since the 1500s.

Ready-To-Fire Nuclear Missiles, Putin Cold War Rhetoric Must Be Addressed to Prevent World War 3 – Reports
The world is frightfully a heartbeat away from a dreadful nuclear showdown between Russia and the United States, which is a scenario increasingly posed by the existence of ready-to-launch nuclear missiles. And the likelihood that World War III could break out anytime is further heightened by the grim tone that Russian President Vladimir Putin has been sounding off lately. Putin, according to a former NATO head, is practically rattling "his nuclear sword."

Combat readiness snap check held in Russia's westernmost Kaliningrad region

Russia has just lost the economic war with the west
Even so, Russia looks vulnerable. It has reached the end of the road with interest rate increases and has only two options: to allow the rouble to find its own level, in the hope that declining oil prices will prove temporary or to introduce capital controls. These are seen very much as a last resort by Moscow, but may prove necessary if the rouble rout continues. The phrase “perfect storm” is over-used, but the combination of a collapsing currency, a collapsing economy and punitive interest rates make it apposite. The question now is how Putin responds. If he softens his line over Ukraine, the west’s gamble will have paid off and it will be mission accomplished. But there are hardliners in Moscow who will argue that the response to the crisis should be a siege economy and the ratcheting up of military pressure on Ukraine. If economic agony makes a wounded Russian bear more belligerent, it will prove a hollow victory.

Obama to sign sanctions bill as Russian economy nears 'brink of crisis'
The White House said Tuesday that President Obama would sign a bill allowing additional sanctions against Moscow, as officials warned that Russia’s economy is on the “brink of crisis.” “If I were chairman of President Putin’s council of economic advisers, I would be extremely concerned,” Jason Furman, who holds that position in the Obama administration, told reporters at the White House. The new sanctions legislation comes as the value of Russia’s currency, the ruble, has collapsed in recent weeks alongside a dramatic fall in the price of oil, Russia’s top export.

Beware: Putin, the wounded animal
There is nothing more dangerous than a wounded animal. Vladimir Putin is wounded — and he's not known for holding back. His entire adventure in Ukraine this year is example of just how destructive and unpredictable Putin can be, and that all happened when oil was still trading at $100 a barrel.
For all we know, Putin has already done a lot of the following things, but here's just a partial list:
1. Launch another attack on Ukraine or another neighboring nation
2. Cut off energy supplies to the rest of Europe
3. Launch an all-out cyber war on Western and U.S. companies and government agencies
4. Nationalize foreign-owned or -controlled businesses inside Russia
The question is: do the White House and NATO realize the situation? Does Wall Street?
Just imagine what he'll do now that he's been poked with a very sharp stick.

White House: ruble plunge has Russia between 'rock and hard place'

Pentagon confirms military buildup along Russian borders for ‘peace and stability’
The Pentagon has confirmed the military buildup along Russia’s borders to ensure long-term “peace and stability” in the region. Earlier Moscow accused NATO of a sharp increase in air activity and intelligence flights in the border zone. Replying to RIA Novosti’s query on the increased number of NATO flights around Russia's borders, a Pentagon representative told the news agency that the military presence of the alliance has increased, but all operations are carried out under utmost“transparency.” The current efforts of the US European Command, the Pentagon official said, are in line with Operation Atlantic Resolve and demonstrate American “commitment to the collective security of NATO, the long-term peace and stability in the region”, particularly in the light of Russian “interference” in Ukraine.

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