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Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Ebola in Sierra Leone is 'spreading nine times faster than two months ago', campaigners warn

Prophecy Sign:  Pestilence, plagues and disease

Ebola has been like a brush fire;  Dies down in one area only to burst into flame in another. According to the articles below, this current strain is like no other previous version, and may have begun a new infection chain in a previously unaffected region of Sierra Leone.  Some observers are sounding that alarm that Ebola could be used as a weapon of terror, while others are wondering if the reason the current strain is so virulent is due to a weaponization program gone off the rails.

Whatever the causes and reasons, bible prophecy makes clear that in the last days, disease will play a huge role in making the world a deadly and fearful place. (All the more reason to consider your present eternal relationship....or lack thereof......with Jesus Christ).

There will be great earthquakes, famines and pestilences in various places, and fearful events and great signs from heaven. Luke 21:11 NIV

Ebola in Sierra Leone is 'spreading nine times faster than two months ago', campaigners warn 
Cases of Ebola in Sierra Leone are still rising quickly, campaigners have warned. In rural parts of the country, the virus is spreading nine times faster than two months ago, a report from the Africa Governance Initiative (AGI) found. AGI - an organisation set up by former UK Prime Minister Tony Blair – said rates are also increasing in the capital Freetown, with six times more new cases recorded per day than two months ago. The news comes as the World Health Organisation (WHO) advised that the number of new cases of the disease is levelling off. Nick Thompson, AGI's chief executive, told BBC news: 'What we're seeing is a varied picture across the country. There are areas where it's still going up quite dramatically. 'Particularly in the western area, the rural areas, the area around and behind Freetown on the western peninsula. 'That's where you're seeing quite dramatic rises in cases, up to nine times more per day than two months ago. 

New Ebola outbreak in Sierra Leone raises fears of new infection chain
A fresh outbreak of Ebola in a part of Sierra Leone where the virus was thought to have been contained has raised fears of a new, uncontrolled infection chain that could send the death toll soaring. A Red Cross ambulance team was sent to the remote district of Koinadugu, which had prided itself on being the only area to have kept Ebola at bay, on Tuesday to urgently collect 30 corpses for medical burial. The outbreak is a major setback for the Ebola response force and the district, which two weeks ago remained resolved to control the spread of the virus that has officially infected 5,338 people and claimed 1,510 lives in the country.

Ebola outbreak caused by new strain never seen before; was it weaponized?
Noted infectious disease experts have said that the current strain of Ebola virus plaguing Africa and slowly spreading in the United States is potentially much more lethal than previous strains identified by virologists. During his talk, which was broadcast on C-SPAN, Osterholm said Gary Kobinger, chief of Special Pathogens for Canada's national health agency, has said the current Ebola strain appears to be far worse than any previous strain. He added that Kobinger believes that the current strain could more easily be spread through aerosols than those previously identified as well. 

Experts: Worst-case U.S. Ebola scenario 130 cases by end of 2014

ISIS is plotting online to kill Western civilians with EBOLA and poisoned needles, Spanish security chief warns 

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