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Wednesday, November 19, 2014

3 Of The 10 Largest Economies In The World Have Already Fallen Into Recession – Is The U.S. Next?

Prophecy Sign:  The coming global economic collapse - and reset

Many economists are nervously watching the coming months with expectation that something serious is about to happen to the global economic system.  Most expect a crash much greater than what the world saw in 2008.  Incidentally that would be exactly 7 years, (one Shemitah cycle), between economic crashes.  For more information in just what the Shemitah is we would refer you to this video featuring Jonathan Cahn.

It will take a full-scale economic crash to bring about the right conditions to implement the final global economic system of the Antichrist and the 10 world kings/kingdoms that will administer it, (Revelation 17).  That will be the global economic world order that God will destroy during the coming Tribulation period.

The time has come! The day has arrived! Let not the buyer rejoice nor the seller grieve, for my wrath is on the whole crowd. The seller will not recover the property that was sold-- as long as both buyer and seller live. For the vision concerning the whole crowd will not be reversed. Because of their sins, not one of them will preserve their life. Ezekiel 7:12-13 NIV

3 Of The 10 Largest Economies In The World Have Already Fallen Into Recession – Is The U.S. Next?
Are you waiting for the next major wave of the global economic collapse to strike?  Well, you might want to start paying attention again.  Three of the ten largest economies on the planet have already fallen into recession, and there are very serious warning signs coming from several other global economic powerhouses.  Things are already so bad that British Prime Minister David Cameron is comparing the current state of affairs to the horrific financial crisis of 2008.  In an article for the Guardian that was published on Monday, he delivered the following sobering warning: “Six years on from the financial crash that brought the world to its knees, red warning lights are once again flashing on the dashboard of the global economy.”  For the leader of the nation with the 6th largest economy in the world to make such a statement is more than a little bit concerning. So why is Cameron freaking out?

David Cameron: Red lights are flashing on the global economy

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