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Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Pope Francis: 'God is not afraid of new things'

Prophecy Sign:  The last days Church, (growing apostasy)

If you are found waffling on a issue or refuse to give a clear definitive answer, you should and will be called upon it.  Such is the case with many Christian leaders who refuse to call sin, sin and refuse to make it clear whether they stand by biblical doctrine or whether they have ditched sound doctrine in order to south the ears of the offended. The head Pastor of the Hillsong mega Churches found this out for himself this past week.

As for the Pope, he just found out that he is not so infallible after all, and that even his edicts and leanings will not go unchallenged if they go against long held Catholic church doctrine.

All of this shows how wishy-washy a large segment of Christendom is becoming in its haste to become more relevant and tolerant to the masses of unbelievers.  Doctrine is being tossed aside or disregarded in favor of sweet nothings that appeal to the carnal mind.  This is a clear sign of the last days church.

For the time will come when people will not put up with sound doctrine. Instead, to suit their own desires, they will gather around them a great number of teachers to say what their itching ears want to hear. 2 Timothy 4:3 NIV

Pope Francis: 'God is not afraid of new things'
Pope Francis on Sunday, as he beatified Pope Paul VI who implemented the Second Vatican Council's vast changes, called on the church to adapt to "changing conditions of society." His remarks took on added meaning as the bishops ended a two-week conference by rejecting landmark wording that would soften the church's stance toward homosexuality and divorce. "God is not afraid of new things," Francis pointedly said during the beatification Mass. Whether the document issued Saturday by the bishops is viewed as a setback for the pope, the conference did show the church can discuss difficult topics — such as the role of gays, lesbians and divorced Catholics. It also exposed a wide rift between conservative and liberal-minded leaders.

'From Catholic Church to Agnostic Church'

Catholic Bishops Scrap Welcome To Gays
Catholic bishops scrapped their landmark welcome to gays Saturday, showing deep divisions at the end of a two-week meeting sought by Pope Francis to chart a more merciful approach to ministering to Catholic families. The bishops failed to approve even a watered-down section on ministering to homosexuals that stripped away the welcoming tone of acceptance contained in a draft document earlier in the week. Rather than considering gays as individuals who had gifts to offer the church, the revised paragraph referred to homosexuality as one of the problems Catholic families have to confront. It said "people with homosexual tendencies must be welcomed with respect and delicacy," but repeated church teaching that marriage is only between man and woman. The paragraph failed to reach the two-thirds majority needed to pass.

Founder of Aussie Mega-Church Hillsong Won't Take A Public Stand on Gay Marriage
Australian-based mega-church/brand Hillsong is refusing to take a public stand on the issue of same-sex marriage saying that it is an "ongoing conversation" within the church. Speaking at a press conference Thursday in New York for his church's conference, founder and pastor Brian Houston was asked by a New York Times reporter to clarify his position on same-sex marriage. Because Houston's churches have now reached New York and California, NYT's Michael Paulson wondered if Houston's pastors will conduct same-sex ceremonies. Avoiding a direct answer, Houston responded by saying that in an ever-changing world, his goal is to remain "relevant" and not become a "pariah:"

Hillsong Pastor Re-Affirms Stance on Gay Marriage
Brian Houston, pastor of Hillsong Church in Sydney, Australia, has issued a statement re-affirming his traditional position on same-sex marriage. Houston's reaction follows his appearance Thursday at a news conference in New York City that gave rise to media reports suggesting Houston had a "shift in tone on gay marriage." The mega-church pastor was in New York for a Hillsong conference at Madison Square Garden. "I encourage people not to assume a media headline accurately represents what I said at a recent press conference. Nowhere in my answer did I diminish biblical truth or suggest that I or Hillsong Church supported gay marriage," Houston said in a statement published by the Christian Post. 

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