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Friday, October 3, 2014

"Biological Brains are Unlikely to be the Final Stage of Intelligence"

Prophecy Sign:  The increase in knowledge

Humanity is swiftly descending into the days of Noah, (Matthew 24:37), which were defined by the existence of human hybrids, (the Nephilim).  Those days are here again as mankind seeks to become Humanity 2.0, (Transhumanism), by tinkering with the creation of God through genetic alteration or augmenting with technology.  

But you, Daniel, roll up and seal the words of the scroll until the time of the end. Many will go here and there to increase knowledge. Daniel 12:4 NIV

"Biological Brains are Unlikely to be the Final Stage of Intelligence"
Machines already have superhuman strength, speed and stamina – and one day they will have superhuman intelligence. The only reasons this may not occur is if we develop some other dangerous technology first that destroys us, or otherwise fall victim to some existential risk. But assuming that scientific and technological progress continues, human-level machine intelligence is very likely to be developed. And shortly thereafter, superintelligence. A survey of leading researchers in AI suggests that there is a 50% probability that human-level machine intelligence will have been attained by 2050 (defined here as “one that can carry out most human professions at least as well as a typical human”). This doesn’t seem entirely crazy. But one should place a lot of uncertainty on both sides of this: it could happen much sooner or very much later.

Will The Will of Superinteligence Overshadow Any Attempts To Create "Friendly AI"?
Surviving the Singularity means that humans must become part machine.  Ray Kurzweil has also presented this idea.  "Computers started out as large remote machines in air-conditioned rooms tended by white coated technicians," he writes. "Subsequently they moved onto our desks, then under our arms, and now in our pockets. Soon, we’ll routinely put them inside our bodies and brains. Ultimately we will become more nonbiological than biological."  Will the rise of superintelligence mean we will entirely supplant the human race? No one knows for sure. The fact that many people that are alive today will be around to find out the answer is unsettling and exciting for those aware of the direction the exponential growth of information technologies, and their encroachment into nearly every other field will have. 

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