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Thursday, July 31, 2014

Muslim scholars calls for ‘global uprising’ against Israel

Prophecy Sign:  The prophetic Middle-East wars

Iran is egging everyone on to war against Israel, promising to arm both Gaza and the West Bank with brand new missiles.   Even the new so-called moderate Iranian President, Hassan Rouhani, couldn't resist calling Israel a 'festering Zionist tumor', (so much for the moderate tone). And of course there is no ambiguity as to the Islamic goal of war with Israel -  out and out extermination of the Jews, (see video below).

Meanwhile, rather than taking Iran and the bunch to task over their heated vitriol towards Israel, the Obama administration has been caught with their pants down in the verbal war with Israel.  Apparently both Obama and John Kerry had called on Israel to immediately cease fire without any pre-conditions for Hamas.  According to the one article, (see below), Obama showed hostility towards the Israeli position and favoritism to Gaza.  No wonder Israel was just a bit ticked off.

So you can see how all this is slowly coming together;  Iran, (Persia), is forcing her radical proxies into a war with Israel, (Psalm 83), which of course the proxies will loss, (Ezekiel 35), which may lead to an even greater middle-east confrontation featuring Iran herself, (and a bunch of others), marching down on Israel, (Ezekiel 38).  And what of our Western leaders?  Perhaps standing on the sidelines uttering useless protests of indignation, (Ezekiel 38:13).

Things are looking interesting folks;  Are you ready and buckled up?

Muslim scholars calls for ‘global uprising’ against Israel
A prestigious group of Muslim scholars on Sunday called for staging what it called a “global uprising” in support of the Gaza Strip, which has been reeling under a wide-scale Israeli offensive for three weeks now. “A global uprising by free people, especially Arabs and Muslims, is a duty,” the International Union of Muslim Scholars said. “The free world should quickly act to end the Zionist aggression on Gaza and uphold the rights of the Palestinian people," it added in a statement. It called for ending a blockade imposed on the Gaza Strip since 2006, opening the borders of the strip and ending what it called the "Zionist" occupation of Palestinian territories.

Iran's Ayatollah Khamenei Calls For Arming Gaza To Fight Israel
Iran's supreme leader on Tuesday called on Muslims from around the world to help arm Gaza Palestinians in their fight against Israel. The call by Ayatollah Ali Khamenei was his latest such message during the ongoing war between Gaza's Hamas rulers and Israel. Khamenei claims that while Israel and America seek to disarm Hamas, Iran says "the opposite ... the Muslim World has a duty to arm the Palestinian nation by all means." Iran, a staunch Hamas ally, does not recognize Israel and supports militant anti-Israeli groups such as the Palestinian Hamas and Lebanon's Shiite Hezbollah group.

Iranian official: We’ll arm West Bank with missiles
A former adviser to Iran’s defense minister said that Tehran would seek to arm Palestinians in the West Bank with “strategic weapons” including missiles to target Tel Aviv and Haifa. Iranian researcher Amir Mousavi told Lebanon’s Mayadeen TV channel this week that “a major reshuffle awaits the region” as “new and significant fronts will be opened all of a sudden, to support the Palestinian cause in the West Bank and Gaza.”  “A new front must be opened from the West Bank, after it has been armed, especially with missiles,” Mousavi said in comments relayed by the Middle East Media Research Institute (MEMRI), “because we know very well that the distance between the West Bank and Tel Aviv, Haifa, and other areas is much shorter than the distance from Gaza. Therefore, simple means are required. There is no need for long-range missiles. Short-range missiles can change the entire picture in the occupied lands.” 

Hamas Calls on Hezbollah to Join 'Resistance' Against Israel

In Leaked Tape, Hostile Obama Tries to Force PM to Accept Truce
Damning evidence has emerged of US President Barack Obama's dismissal of Israel's position in favor of supporting the position of Hamas and its allies during ceasefire talks.

US fuming over Israeli criticism of Kerry
The Obama administration pushed back strongly Monday at a torrent of Israeli criticism over Secretary of State John Kerry's latest bid to secure a cease-fire with Hamas, accusing some in Israel of launching a "misinformation campaign" against the top American diplomat

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