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Saturday, May 3, 2014

Saudis parade nuclear missiles for the first time in defiance of US-Iranian nuclear accord

Prophecy Sign:  The coming prophetic Middle-East wars

Many Christians who do not place much importance in end-times bible prophecy, (eg Rick Warren), simply do not understand that it is not only the bible that warns of end-time apocalyptic events, but other religion as well.  For instance, Islam has a prophetic scenario that mirrors bible prophecy, right down to the coming of a messianic figure soon after a major Middle-East war.  The Shiite brand of Islam, (Iran), believes that a war between the followers of Shiia will fight the followers of Sunni, (Saudi Arabia), for supremacy over all followers of Allah, (all Muslims).  This prophetic scenario envisions a restoration of the Islamic Caliphate with its headquarters based in Jerusalem.

The bible foretold that the descendants of Ismael, (Abraham/Hagar union), would be a wild bunch who would fight among themselves as well as with the descendants of Issac, (Israel).  This infighting is now building towards the final conflicts of the last days Middle-East.

He will be a wild donkey of a man; his hand will be against everyone and everyone's hand against him, and he will live in hostility toward all his brothers. Genesis 16:12 NIV

Saudis parade nuclear missiles for the first time in defiance of US-Iranian nuclear accord
Saudi Arabia became the first Middle East nation to publicly exhibit its nuclear-capable missiles. The long-range, liquid propellant DF-3 ballistic missile (NATO designated CSS-2), purchased from China 27 years ago, was displayed for the first time at a Saudi military parade Tuesday, April 29, in the eastern military town of Hafar Al-Batin, at the junction of the Saudi-Kuwaiti-Iraqi borders.
DEBKAfile’s military and intelligence sources report the event was deliberately loaded with highly-significant messages, the foremost of which was that the Middle East is in the throes of a nuclear arms race in the wake of the Iranian program.
1. The oil kingdom was saying loud and clear that it has obtained nuclear missiles and is ready to use them in the event of an armed conflict with Iran.
2.  The message for Washington was that Riyadh adheres to its adamant objections to the comprehensive accord for resolving the Iranian nuclear question which is racing toward its finale with the six world powers led by the US. The Saudis share Israel’s conviction that this pact - far from dismantling Iran’s nuclear capacity - will seal the Islamic Republic's elevation to the status of pre-nuclear power. The result will be a Middle East war in which the Saudis will take part.

Saudi Arabia flexes its military muscles
Saudi Arabia staged its largest ever military exercise in a show of strength towards its northern Shiite neighbors, Iran and Iraq. 130,000 troops were involved, while the Gulf nation also unveiled missiles purchased from China, local media stated. The maneuvers, which were codenamed ‘Abdullah’s Shield’ were held in the northern, eastern and southern regions of the country, with the Saudi press stating, “tens of thousands of soldiers, backed by military jets, helicopters and ships as well as tankers and anti-missile systems, are participating” in the“largest military exercise in the kingdom’s history.”

Saudi Arabia sees Iran and Iraq as threats towards its kingdom, while the country is increasingly worried about the tight alliance that is growing between the two predominantly Shiite nations. The General Chief of Staff, Lieutenant General Hussian Al Qabeel said, “We are preparing our armed forces to protect the nation. The armed forces do not aim to attack anyone as this is not our wise government’s policy,” Al Qabeel added.

Syria hiding chemical weapons, says Israeli intel

This spring, the Middle East gears up for ‘End-of-time battle’ foretold by the Prophet Mohammed
According to the Sayings attributed to Prophet Mohammed, the establishment of the Islamic Emirate of Khorasan (which encompasses the Central Asian republics, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Kashmir, and Iran) would create conducive conditions for Islam’s triumph in the “End-of-Time Battle. According to the Prophet’s sayings, jihadist forces would then arrive in the Middle East from the East and wage the fateful victorious battle for the liberation of Bilad al-Sham (history country of Syria) and al-Jazira, and the establishment of the Mosque of al-Aqsa in Jerusalem (Islam’s original Qiblah — that is, the direction of prayers — in 610-623) as the center of a new Caliphate.

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