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Thursday, April 3, 2014

So where is that missing Malaysian airliner?

Prophecy Sign:  Perilous times and frightening events

It's been nearly a month since Malaysian Air flight MH370 disappeared.  And after an exhaustive search of both the South China Sea and the Indian Ocean, not a single solitary piece of evidence has been found that proves the jet crashed into the ocean.  All the material so far spotted floating in the waters has been either lost shipping containers or garbage from fishing vessels.

So where is the plane?   A couple European news reports are suggesting the plane never crashed at all, but was either shot out of the skies, (Spanish report), in an effort to forestall another terrorist attack, or the plane is hidden somewhere near Pakistan, (Russian and British reports).  The Russian report even goes so far as to suggest the passengers are still alive and being held captive in several small buildings near Kandahar Afghanistan, near the Pakistan border.

Everything is conjecture at this point in time, (even the Indian Ocean search is based on best guesses).  No one knows where this plane ultimately ended up, (or if the authorities know, they aren't telling - hence the frustration on the part of the families of flight MH370).  We continue to pray for this situation;  That some form of closure can be obtained by the families.  We also pray that this situation does not escalate into something much more at a future date, (terrorist attack).

Special Services: Malaysian Boeing located near Kandahar, the passengers and crew captured - Translated
"Pilots Flight MH370 not guilty of stealing a plane was hijacked by unknown persons," said the "MK" authoritative source in the security services. This information in any of the world's media has not previously been published.
"Missing March 8 on Malaysia Airlines airliner with 227 passengers on board and 12th members of the crew captured and is southeast of Kandahar, in Afghanistan, near the border with Pakistan. Aircraft stands on a small" rural "road with a broken wing - airliner is alleged to have committed a hard landing. All passengers alive, divided into seven groups and live in a "mud hut" from hand to mouth. From the aircraft were captured about 20 Asian Professionals, the capture of which was necessary, presumably for bargaining with the U.S. side. That Currently there are hijacking - someone's order. " All this correspondent "MK" on condition of anonymity said a source in the security services.

Spanish Newspaper reports Malaysian plane may have been shot down to avert terror attack
A major newspaper in Spain has published an exclusive claiming that sources within the search effort to find missing Malaysia Airlines Flight 370 are considering the possibility that the plane was shot down by military forces in order to prevent a terror attack and the government giving the order has yet to divulge its involvement. The report surfaced online this weekend, titled "Intelligence Sources Weigh Whether Malaysian Plane Was Derailed To Prevent New 9/11." It suggests that the plane did not fall into the southwestern Indian Ocean, as investigators have insisted for more than a week after definitively concluding that the plane crashed and all on board are dead.

Missing Malaysia Airlines Flight MH370: Did jetliner fly into area controlled by Taliban? - (March 16/14)
The missing Malaysian airlines flight MH370 may have been deliberately flown under the radar to Taliban-controlled bases on the border of Afghanistan, it has emerged, as authorities said that the final message sent from the cockpit came after one of the jet's communications systems had already been switched off. Eight days after the Boeing 777 vanished,The Independent has learnt that Malaysian authorities are seeking diplomatic permission to investigate a theory that the plane was flown to one of a number of Taliban strongholds on the Afghan border in North West Pakistan.

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